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Today I saw this on Twitter & re-tweeted it…

I couldn’t agree more with Miss Mia.

This was my reply though to one of my followers who commented…

I also agree with this re-tweet:

The problem is that there are plenty of people out there who are literally on a non-stop crusade. They want to tear down everything that people like myself hold dear.

One thing is to have imported suicide bombers; it is something else entirely to have suicide-legislators/culture-warriors/politicians/foot-soldiers, who look like you, have the same heritage as you, but hate what ought to be looked after and protected.

These people hate everythingย what we’ve been lucky to inherit, especially military victories, since it is mean to win!

These characters don’t want to be criticised either when they launch their attacks! If you respond to their anti-European, anti-American hate-campaigns, then somehow you end up being the bad guy; it will especially look odd to those who are in the unknown and who don’t bother to watch or read what ticked you off in the first place. In fact it might look as if though you’re the angry “problematic” one.

What might surprise those who read my blog entries regularly is that I actually never initiate political discussions unless I’m discussing things within the family. It seems kind of deranged to throw out political statements when you bump into people you hardly know … One of the first rules I learnt when I was little, was that you don’t discuss politics and religion during dinner parties, as this might create unwanted tension which is the last thing you should opt for if people are gathering to enjoy themselves … What I find astonishing is that everyone else I seem to bump into automatically just blurt out left-wing political statements all the time, as if though these type of statements aren’t anchored in a political spectrum, but just fall into the category of “common sense” and “profound indisputable wisdom.”

I therefore find myself quite often in the receiving end of all sorts of left-wing propaganda, and when I then finally try to get a word in, after patiently listening to a “post-modern-sermon,” which quite often includes vulgarities of such a nature that I should probably run off to a monastery to cleanse my soul and ears, the other party is left stunned. How on earth can any soul disagree with the wisdom of deconstructionists? How is it even possible?

Conservatives on the other hand talk about other matters, probably because they are not on a non-stop revolutionary crusade. Because of this you will not really know where they are politically and even when you find out that the person in question is not a red, there is a high probability that you will never quite figure out where on the right-spectrum they might be; unless they have a blog or an official social media profile.

Here are a couple of splendid arguments that I’ve had to endure listening to, since I am so polite that I actually let people preach to me … even when it is completely uncalled for … As a result my brain has now expanded to such an extent that it has literally smashed through my cranium….. Behold minions. I will now share this wisdom with you:

1-I’ve been presented with the argument that because there are problems with crime and gangs in America already then it doesn’t really matter if you get some Islamist attacks on top of all of that in addition … The logic goes something like this: if there are white-supremacist prison gangs in America, then it doesn’t really matter if a huge terrorist attack from Middle-Eastern men kill lots of people in one go since the white-supremacists (who are in prison) will apparently kill just as many – but over a prolonged period of time … the conclusion is therefore that US President Donald J. Trump is a massive threat since he should not target specific demographics with travel bans or heighten US border security since this somehow makes him racist …ย I guess the logic here is that if the authorities are looking for a criminal with red hair and freckles, then it is of utmost importance to officially spy on, and target ANY demographic, even sub-Saharan Africans, so as to avoid, offending gingers………..

2-A blood relative of mine, (who is the only extended family member I have who actually looks a lot like me), is a proper intellectual who advocates that Norway needs more migration! Norwegians are not getting enough kids, so we have to engage in replacement migration to salvage our welfare-state! This bright relative of mine (no pun intended actually) even believes that there are no biological differences between population groups since differences are only the result of culture …The problem with my relative is that the information that she has studied and internalised isย extremely outdated. She remains strong in the faith however….

These are just a couple of enlightening examples. As I wrote in a blog entry after the election over in the U.S. of A.; I was apparently some kind of a bad guy since I wasn’t openly crying all over social media but officially celebrating since the candidate I supported had won! Nobody even cared to ask me why I didn’t support Mrs.Clinton. In fact I’ve never been asked that question by any of my friends…

Me liking anti-invasion, anti-Islamification statements from protective European politicians and patriotic groups on Facebook also cost me some acquaintances, who just mysteriously vanished … these were people who were pro-mass-migration posting “refugees welcome” posts. They didn’t bother asking me any questions either … Outspoken people on the opposite spectrum, love to believe that they are virtuous. That what they support is common sense. This is the impression that I have. And since they are the nice ones they certainly do not want to have anything to do with those who are mean!

I would probably have kept myself to a more centered, neutral position, if it wasn’t for the fact that these type of characters are constantly supporting, formulating, promoting, not to forget, enacting ideas that are downright dangerous. Nor do they try to be discreet even! There are no safe-zones for those who don’t want to listen to self-righteous virtue-signalling.

In fact, this is what I am asking myself:

  1. What is the point of practising for months and months, or dedicating years of one’s life to master a technique, that will enable you to keep parts of our cultural heritage alive, when we have fellow country men and women all over the Western world, who are at war with all of it? At what point will classical music be censored?
  2. What is the point of creating new art if you run the risk of being dismissed as politically incorrect?
  3. What is the point of thinking at all if you will automatically be guilty of thought-crime unless you think and express yourself within a set, restricted, politically correct frame?
  4. Should those who seek to destroy our shared and individual heritage, in addition to our Nations be left unchallenged?
  5. And what is the point of saying that you love your younger relatives if all you seek to do is to make their future increasingly unstable by supporting ideas that will make them targets simply because of the colour of their skin or their faith?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if we don’t care about our books, buildings, artworks, music and founding documents, then nobody else will!

Who will ever respect cultures that don’t even respect themselves?

ย ย 

“Answers from Heaven” by Theresa Cheung & Claire Broad.


This book sees Cheung teaming up with a professional medium to further promote her case that the afterlife is real, and that Angels are active in our world, throughout our lives, at all times.

Prayer has incredible power and there have been scientific studies showing that patients who were prayed for had faster recovery times than those who were not” Considering that all matter (even our thoughts) consists of energy, it is entirely possible that this energy can be directed to achieve an outcome …” Amen to that!

In other words, the brain may act as a sophisticated receiver to express consciousness, but it may not be its primary creator.”

It was renewed physicist, inventor, futurist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla who said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

The book makes for a good and easy read. My only two complaints is that certain stories are repeated from the other book I read from said author:ย โ€œAn Angel Saved Meโ€ by Theresa Cheung.ย which I find slightly puzzling when the author writes this: “Thousands of people have sent me such reports …”. The two women are also promoting a one-dimensional spiritual narrative void of negative forces:ย “In each and every case the messages from the other side are ones of comfort, hope and love …

I also question why Cheung & Broad blindly believe the sincerity of the spirits that they get in touch with. If you believe that the world is made up of opposites then you’ll probably doubt their exclusively optimistic stance.

There are lots of reports and stories that go way back in time, documenting negatively charged “hauntings,” just to pick one supernatural phenomena. If one believes in the existence of Angels (as we’ve come to know them in pop-culture), then why not Demons?

Cheung & Broad presents a marketable narrative in line withย The Map of Heaven โ€“ by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins., a narrative that does not quite align with belief systems where you have to behave in order to please the supreme chieftain-Deity. The CEO of Celestial Inc. is nowhere to be found within current new-age literature, as you’ll be loved regardless of who you are and what you do. There is no hierarchical celestial order, so it is certainly very different from belief systems where you are supposed to try your absolute best to be a good person by internalizing certain values (or else!).

Thou shall not fear Celestial Inc.’s invisible enforcement agents; because all is light, and all is good – all the time! I wish I could believe in this friendly, open, tolerant, narrative – but I do not. Where there is light, there will be dark – that is what I believe anyway!

It can also be a possibility that “the force” disguises itself as “familiar” or “relatable” if it feels a desire or a need to intervene. This aligns with old myths, even Christianity, where an Avatar is needed (like an interface) to interact with humanity. If this technique is valid in real-life, then why not put on the mask of familiar individuals in the after-life as well? In theory it would make sense; but that of course hinges on whether you believe or not. And whether you believe that our creator can access his invention and design whenever “it” desires to do so.

I guess human beings have to believe that they are in the driver’s seat at all times. If this is what people want to believe, then I can certainly understand the appeal of books such as these, since there are no rules, nor spooky entities to enforce them!

Some selected quotes from the work:

It breaks my heart when people tell me that their early signs of psychic potential were laughed at or repressed by their family.” Yes, thank you Theresa for putting yourself out there promoting something that is not meant to be discussed in our enlightened high-tech age! โค

Whenever love is strong between two people it can cross the veil of death,”

Something with an awareness of future events intervened to give her a warning.

…we are all connected. Science attests to this and there is also the theory that time isn’t linear and that there is no past, present or future, just our perception.

There is a possibility that our thoughts and feelings can cross the boundaries of time and space, life and death.

…many NDEs occur when a person has a flat EEG, meaning they are brain dead, but if they have enough brain activity to produce a hallucination it would be registered by the EEG. Also, a dying brain or delirium are not convincing explanations as these would not be recalled as a positive experience or a spiritual turning point.

There is no conclusive proof that OBEs originate in the brain – in my opinion, they, like NDEs and night visions and all afterlife encounters (including the next story), are evidence that a part of us exists separate from our body and mind and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. All those who have been through such events say they are incredibly powerful and a rich source of spiritual awakening.”

…so the next time you wake up feeling tired for no reason, perhaps you will have been on a spiritual assignment in your sleep. Such a wonderful thought that when we are asleep we all have the potential to become angels.

“...wisdom is “downloaded” into the mind of the medium and then written down or spoken, just in the same way you would if following dictation.”

The language of the spirit is universal and therefore there are no language ย barriers with mediumship.

In my experience, problems with grief arise when people get stuck in it.

Holding emotional grief inside of you undealt with only leads to health problems further down the line…

Thoughts ย are energy, and when we attend to and direct them decisively, they have the power to create our future, promote healing, shape our world and travel deep within the universe.

Many people have lost faith in the power of prayer because they’re either turned off by the religious connotations or feel their prayers go unanswered. The likely reason for this is that the very act of asking for something you want or need draws the experience of wanting or needing to you. Your words and the power behind your words – your intentions – matter. A more effective prayer should create the experience of having and being, but many people struggle to achieve this.


Maintaining Positivity In A Culture Dominated by Negativity.


Ironically enough I’ve found faith while simultaneously losing faith over the last few years since I started blogging and reacting to events unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic. I’ve ย been doubting our secular values and constructs more and more, and while this has been happening my heart has increasingly opened up to spirituality, which is interesting.

Yesterday I decided to read my own Lyric Book to see what sort of message I’ve been projecting in the past, and it gave me a certain sense of comfort and relief to see that I was funnily enough broadcasting sentiments that I wasn’t even aware of could be perceived as spiritual in nature. I am happy to see that I was aligning myself with positive energy, criticising negative and destructive forces detrimental to us all.

When reading through my long blog entries on here, out of fear that some of these posts might potentially fuel negative energy, I couldn’t fail to notice how ridiculous a lot of the source-articles that inspired my entries now seem, even though they are not that old at all. It is very, very, obvious, that fear mongering and catastrophic scenarios are constantly being brought up; Brexit would be the cause of WW3! Everyone would instantly die of cancer! Mass panic could be sensed everywhere with the election of Trump, as if though Trump + Brexit would equal instant apocalypse for everyone, everywhere! I ridiculed these sensationalist sentiments; and I believe that a great number of people will look back at “the public discourse” thinking of it as silly. It is good for an instance to see that politicians are now all of a sudden openly discussing topics that just some years ago were seen as off-limits. It shows how quickly things can change. Hopefully this will tackle chaotic conditions on both sides of the Atlantic and in the rest of the world. I fail to see why people would be keen on destabilization; I’m not a fan.

Negative news stories broadcasting acts of evil, with journalists moaning our imminent demise cannot possibly be seen as particularly uplifting material, and when one thinks about how massive this negativity-assault is on our senses it certainly raises some questions.

It has become increasingly obvious to me that a re-connection to spirituality and family values is the solution. Reading about something like this for example is horrendous, the same can be said of the focus on the latest lone-wolf gun-man in the U.S.A. It is important to always remember that wherever there is destructive, hateful, energy, there will also be a positive one. An example of this could be those who heroically saved their fellow students in Florida, or in a war setting: Oskar Schindler’s bravery in helping persecuted Jews.

I received a book for Christmas written by someone I fundamentally disagree with politically, but his assessment of those on the right-political spectrum is probably very accurate; conservatives react to the antics of politically creatives on the left, who want to shake things up with all sorts of strange ideas. My entries are no different; they are reactions to what is happening, since I do not approve. I do however sense that things might not become as gloomy as many fear. I have a hunch.

If you feel down and don’t like the direction that your country is moving in you should try to get involved with something; I’m assuming that when somebody loses it, they have all of this pent-up aggression and internal negativity that just spills over turning them into agents of chaos. Strange really if you think about how the criminal acts of political terrorists always outshines whatever message they allegedly want to get out there. If you want to change the world it is probably more productive to read about Rosa Parks. Those who want to change things need a network and a proper plan.ย Help Those In Need.


“An Angel Saved Me” by Theresa Cheung.


This is an eye-opening and potentially unsettling/spooky book, I really enjoyed Cheung’s work as it featured countless stories from people describing supernatural experiences. A common thread can be seen when reading these type of stories. The book stand out though due to its many witness accounts; I really enjoyed its style, I would also recommend:ย The Map of Heaven โ€“ by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins.

I’m guessing that spiritual skeptics wouldn’t have much interest in a book such as “An Angel Saved Me,” but if you’ve heard of or experienced anything that resembles what’s within these pages you’ll certainly find it fascinating, like a confirmation of sorts.

I really had no idea that there were people out there communicating with Angels, until I heard that the Norwegian royal princess engages in this sort of activity; I thought it sounded a bit spaced-out at the time, but now I’m not so sure.

I do find it interesting however that all of the Angel encounters described in this work are so positive in nature, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some vicious celestial beings at work as well; if you believe in the “otherworldly” it could explain the battle between good and evil in our world.

Cheung’s work brings up some points that I’ve certainly come to see as self-evident, something that many alternative doctors also believe in, namely: that we are all connected to a super force and that there is meaning hiding in everything. Some refer to this as “synchronicity.”

Cheung points out the importance of the word and how we can all be angels/helpers to others. I thought a bit about this after reading and my own thoughts about the matter is that: Being the helper of some might make you the enemy of others, but being the helper of some is probably better than being the helper of none.

Let’s say that I pass a homeless person as I’m on my way home. I give this individual whatever change I have and a smile might spread across the person’s face, followed by a “Bless You” or a “Thank You.” It is even better if I then look at the rough sleeper, acknowledging his/her presence, rather than avoiding eye-contact, which is the most comfortable thing to do, as homeless people both remind us of the fragility of existence while maybe giving us a slight sense of “survivors guilt.”

Yet after I’ve done this small act of charity, I walk past another rough-sleeper, and this time I have no change to give. To this individual I represent nothing but another walker-by. Just another one blending into the city-landscape, almost highlighting the beggar’s loneliness and social isolation. Everybody just walk on by lost in their own thoughts about what they need to do, where they ought to be, where they are heading, etc; while ignoring those that they encounter on their way, not even saying “hello,” an act that can only really be seen in villages/hamlets where any human you encounter is automatically special.

This type of scenario or dilemma can be transposed to all political issues as well; I’ll help group A, but then I cannot really help group B, I’ll stand with these people over here, but that will automatically put me in opposition to those guys over there, these people will benefit and a positive change will happen in their lives, but just as this act of good spreads like a ripple effect, there will be a negative one spreading elsewhere within the group that has been ignored or wilfully sidelined.

The power of the word is truly overwhelming if people awaken to it and think about it. This might illustrate why it is complicated: ย “I just had a negative encounter/experience and will now share this with another person.”

  1. I will create a negative atmosphere, because something of a negative nature is being discussed, and since human nature is the way it is; then I’ll probably spend an awful lot of time talking about that which annoys me with my friend/relative.
  2. I will potentially create some sort of conflict, if action is to be taken in order to “get justice” and settle the issue with the other individual who has offended me.
  3. A lot of people let bad individuals get away with their misdeeds, for the simple reason that they don’t want to deal with the negative emotions stemming from a potential argument or conflict, hence the bad guy has a tendency of getting away with whatever.
  4. If you ever try to fix a proper issue, there will be a lot of pain generated in the process, which then makes me wonder if it is best to not address issues; there will of course be no solution to whatever problem, in fact matters might get worse, but at least you’ll post-pone confrontations with troublemakers, or hand the issue at hand over to someone else….It is in fact very common to see this.
  5. If you are to walk in Love and deal with all problems like some guru, then what on earth do you do when encountering real evil and individuals who are rude and mean to everyone around them, without ever improving or showing any signs of genuine remorse? Is a loving nature more likely to get you killed, injured, devastated and/or emotionally drained, or can you actually improve the world by spreading kindness? And how far can this ripple effect potentially go, if you think about the dilemma described above?

These are interesting matters to contemplate indeed, since it deals with our own spiritual footprint here on earth. It is also an interesting thing to note how hate can be born out of absolutely nothing, which is something that can really be experienced by artists receiving hate-mail for no obvious reason or bully victims chosen and picked on by other children, without anyone really knowing why.

There doesn’t have to be any reason for hate to take its hold, and regardless of how well-intended and strong the love that meets it might be, it can’t be denied that a gun might be love’s greatest protector when dealing with deep-seated, blind rage, caused by infernal, putrid, hatred. Why some fall victims to such strong negative emotions, is peculiar indeed, as others can live through inhuman challenges and still find love and a light within, helping them to forgive while ascending to new spiritual heights.

Ours is a strange world.

Quotes from Cheung’s “An Angel Saved Me.”

“But every morning when we wake up we have no idea whether we have years, days or hours left to live. In the midst of life we are in death, whether we like it or not, and we may never know when our time is up.”

“… but when you think about the idea that we are all connected and nothing we do or say is trivial,…”

“Perhaps the genius of artists, musicians and writers, or the joy experienced by lovers or first-time parents, or the explorer soaring to new heights, come close to the inspiration of feeling ‘not of this world.’

“So the next time you experience a ‘coincidence’, rather than dismissing it, ask yourself what it means.”

“…remember that coincidence is the language that angels speak.”

“Remember, if you don’t think you have encountered angels, many of the people here didn’t actually see angels. Something as simple as a feather, a song, a book, a flash of intuition or a remarkable coincidence was the catalyst for their spiritual transformation. If you look at the world with ‘angel eyes’, every moment is a chance for you to glimpse the mystery and to marvel at the sheer magic of it all.”

“…everything we say and do, however tiny or insignificant it may feel at the time, really has the potential to make others feel as if they have been touched by an angel.”

Some books recommended by Theresa Cheung:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The Road Less Travelled by M.Scott Peck.

A couple of books about roughly the same topic:

Britain’s X-Traordinary Files by David Clarke.

Haunted! Scariest Stories from the UK’s no.1 Psychic by Derek Acorah

“Don’ts for Weddings” from 1904.


“Don’t scorn ย a bachelor girl who is living in independent fashion. It may prove interesting to divert her from anti-matrimonial theories.”

“Don’t abuse you love’s modesty. See your lady home in the evening, but don’t smoke in her flat till the small hours.”

“Don’t marry a European unless the man is cosmopolitan in his ideas or the woman can fit in with continental modes of life. A wife in England is held in higher regard than in any other country in Europe.”

“Don’t marry a foreigner without strict observance of the marriage laws in his country. You might otherwise find yourself married in England but legally repudiated abroad.”

“Don’t hope for an ideal companion for middle age if your new spouse lightly abandons all memories of the partner of youth. It is better to cherish a regard for the dead alongside an honest love for the living.”

This book came into the household when my mother remarried. I decided to read it out of curiosity. Where does one start in describing it? It is certainly not politically correct in any way and paints a picture of different times, that can best be described as alien. I quite like it actually as it is certainly romantic and cute. I wonder if people were happier before when there where all sorts of rituals associated with marriage and dating; or if people are on average more content now when there are no rules for anything. Here are some selected quotes:ย 

First off; When choosing a spouse: ” Don’t single out a girl if you don’t intend to propose to her.”

“Don’t eschew possibilities for an informal introduction. Rescue her dog from a street fray, pick up a trinket she has dropped, or travel with her on a long journey and prove yourself her cavalier.”

Nr.2; The courtship: “Don’t startle the lady of your heart by too sudden a development. Some women like to be taken by storm, but most girls like to enjoy being wooed and won.”

“Don’t single out your girl from the rest of her people and invite her alone. Until there is an acknowledged engagement, her parent, brother, or sister should be included.”

“Don’t neglect to discover what interests her people. Bring her father cuttings for the garden. Lend her mother books, sing or recite at her charity entertainments.”

“Don’t wonder that free and easy parents often find their daughters remain unmarried. Man is a hunter who values his spoils in proportion to the difficulties overcome in the chase.”

(Artists, oh these tumultuous artists, lol…): ” Don’t believe that because a man is an artist he must lack courtesy to women. Likewise, it is not inevitable that a girl with a talent for drawing should violate all the proprieties.”

Nr.3; The question of age:ย “Don’t deny later problems if you marry a man much younger than yourself. The advance of age will make you old while he remains in his prime. you may pray for death or release, or wear a wig and paint your face, but if you live long enough, both of you will suffer.”

“Don’t scoff at the older man who retains youth’s vitality; many a girl would be proud to marry him.”

Nr.4; The proposal: “Don’t make an offer of marriage till you are in a position to support a wife. No lady should waste her youth nor heart on a man who is not trying to make their marriage possible.”

“Don’t marry in haste. To meet one week and propose the next is a doubtful compliment.”

“Don’t stoop to asking a man to marry you; there is something repellent in a marriage offer coming from a woman’s lips.”

“Don’t resent being closely questioned before your reception into a family. Be ready to give all particulars that may be required.”

“Don’t omit to state what your income and prospects are, the probable date at which you will be able to marry, and how you intend to provide for your wife.”

“Don’t discourage her father’s confidence – there are some warnings that must be heeded, notably where there is taint of insanity within the family.”

Nr.5; Celebrating the engagement: “Don’t tarry ย once the engagement is settled. A few days later, the lady’s parents should give a dinner for close friends, or a larger At Home.”

Nr.6; The engaged couple: “Don’t make vulgar exhibition of your love: a close clasp of the hand or silent greeting of the eyes will suffice.”

“Don’t tyrannise your fiancรฉ.ย If you order him about and take his submission as your due, rest assured that one day the worm will surely turn.”

“Don’t belittle love-letters when daily or frequent meetings are impossible. They have an important part to play in the course of true love.”

“Don’t reveal to anyone the secrets of your exchange. your letters must remain private. To you they will be sublime; to the outsider they would be ridiculous.”

“Don’t rush an engagement. Let it be long enough for your love to settle into a more normal state, where you can gain a clearer estimate of your mutual fitness.”

Nr.7; Should matters go awry: “Don’t continue with wedding plans if you have idealised your lady, been blinded by her beauty or bedazzled by her wit. Consider the woman as she really is.”

“Don’t neglect to send back the ring and other tokens should your engagement be broken. Burn letters or return them to the writer – feelings run strong over written proofs of a love that has disappointed.”

Nr.8; Elopements: “Don’t overlook that you face misery and disgrace if you bind yourself to a man whose moral unfitness is manifest.”

“Don’t marry in secret for fear of losing money if you reveal the truth. Love is not enough without the wherewithal to gild it.”

“Don’t stain the outset of your wedded life with deception and falsehood. So are sown the seeds of distrust and contempt where love and trust should flourish.”

Nr.9; Preparations, Gowns and the Trousseau: ” Don’t fix the date in May, which is considered unlucky for weddings: “If married in Lent / You are sure to repent.”

“Don’t rush at the last but prepare calmly for the most vital step in your life. Ensure you both have some days of peace to ponder the gravity of your new responsibilities.”

“Don’t permit the choice of bridesmaids to become a source ย of family friction. The bride’s sister must take precedence, then her dearest school friend. Finally, his sister must be asked; they may be neither attractive nor young.”

“Don’t forget that elderly bridesmaids in youthful frocks and girlish hats are ridiculous to the unthinking, and pathetic to those who look beneath the surface.”

“Don’t discount season with regard to your materials. White gauzy frocks look chill in mid-winter, and may afflict the wearers with red noses.”

“Don’t forget the value of quality; a good cloth is more important than the trimmings and make. It is good economy to buy the best where regular or hard wear is required.”

Nr.10; The invitations: “Don’t neglect to invite any friend who has sent a present before the invitations are out.”

Nr.11; Wedding Presents: “Don’t offer silver if the bride will have only one servant. She will have to rub up her own brushes and sweetmeat dishes.”

“Don’t choose a present just because you like the object yourself. A grand piano is no good to those who will not have a large room.”

Nr.12; Setting up home:ย “Don’t, where possible, start married life together other than in a home of your own.”

“Don’t trust your groom to superintend the choice of your home. Check provision of cupboards and store-rooms, the aspect of the larder and condition of the kitchen range.”

“Don’t involve your groom in every decision. You may like to choose the household goods or schemes of decoration together; but don’t consult him over saucepans, pillows or blankets.”

“Don’t find a house in an utterly strange neighbourhood. Your bride will be isolated till neighbours are satisfied as to her respectability.”

Nr.13; Banns and legal formalities:ย “Don’t disregard making financial arrangements to safeguard your wife from ruin or poverty in the event of your death.”

“Don’t avoid, if you have private means, settling a certain portion upon your wife. While you live, she should have the interest of this amount, and no control over the capital.”

“Don’t dismiss the influence of your bride’s dowry. This is of ancient origin and brings your wife respect, lessening the humiliation of her social and legal position.”

Nr.14; Planning the day:ย “Don’t sigh, as a father of the bride, over the expenses of music and decoration of the church, the conveyances, and entertainments.”

“Don’t rule out entertaining the wedding party at a hotel or restaurant if you don’t want your home turned upside down. However, this is a less familiar setting for the bride’s adieu to her old home life.”

“Don’t neglect to see that the bride has proper food to sustain her through the day’s proceedings. She should not feel faint at the altar.”

Nr.15; The bride:ย “Don’t succumb to nerves from the rush and excitement of the wedding morning, though you will be all the more attractive for some maidenly diffidence.”

“Don’t fail to savour the journey to church with your father, who will then bestow you upon your husband. It is the finest occasion in your lives together.”

“Don’t stride triumphantly through your wedding. You will not show the best of taste.”

Nr.16; The bridesmaids:ย “Don’t disdain the groom or best man when they present you with a trinket or posy at the church. Your part in the day will make or mar your friend’s joy.”

Nr.17; The groom and best man:ย ” Don’t sleep under the same roof as your fiancรฉe the night before the wedding.”

“Don’t see your beloved on the day, till you meet her in all her bridal beauty. Tradition asks her to retire even from her household early in the day; but more modern views now prevail.”

“Don’t ignore the etiquette of seating in the church. The brothers or cousins of the bride show the guests to their places. The groom’s family and friends sit on the right, the bride’s people on the left.”

Nr.18; The reception:ย “Don’t seat the bride for the meal elsewhere than between her husband and father. The newly weds will take the head of the table or the centre of one side of the festive board.”

“Don’t poke about among the gifts unless in the company of one of the family or a bridesmaid; there may be a detective present who might misinterpret friendly interest to the discomfort of a prying guest.”

Nr.19; The honeymoon:ย “Don’t throw rice at the young couple which is not soothing to receive in the eye or ear. Paper confetti are a harmless substitute. Throwing old shoes is a relic from ancient times of the sticks and stones hurled by defeated friends when the victorious bridegroom carried off the bride as his prize and captive.”

“Don’t over-extend your honeymoon. Men were made for something more virile than billing and cooing. When the sweetness begins to cloy, it is time to return to everyday life.”

“Don’t hang your new husband round with bags, hat-boxes, and other impedimenta.”

Nr.20; The newly-married couple in society:ย “Don’t delay in giving an At Home to friends who presented gifts, and to those who attended your wedding. Send out invitations in your name only; your husband should put in an appearance if possible.”

“Don’t welcome callers without wearing or using their gifts. Otherwise there should be no formal display of presents.”

“Don’t bore the company by quoting your new husband as a world-oracle. Civilised humanity has not been waiting through dark ages of perplexity for your recent domestic discoveries.”

Nr.21; Marriages requiring further thought:ย “Don’t marry your first cousin. It is your plain duty to abstain from such a union as the intermarriage of family members leads to physical deterioration in unborn generations.”

“Don’t marry where there is any hereditary disease of mind or body. It is little short of criminal to contract such a union.”

Nr.22; Second marriages:ย “Don’t rule out that real romance may awaken only with your second wooing. It need be no mere prosaic, practical transaction.”

“Don’t choose grey for your widow’s wedding frock. you may wear any light, delicate colour; but a woman has only one white wedding and one bridal veil in her life.”

“Don’t, if your new wife already has a nice home of her own, take up position as a master of the household that has hitherto gone on quite well without you, without great tact and thought.”

“Don’t take a second wife without informing any adult sons and daughters who may reside with you.”

“Don’t install a step-mother over youths of her own age. This places them all in a difficult position, and may create tragedy.”

“Don’t marry a spinster without considering a full smart wedding even on your second or third marriage. It is the condition of your bride that decides such matters.”

“Don’t be alarmed at comparisons with No.1 in thought if not in word, involuntarily if not intentionally. It is not generous of No.2 to try and banish the memory of the dead.”