The Accuracy Of History.

I’m becoming increasingly worried about the accuracy of “History” when following the news cycle and witnessing how stories are pinned and framed. To say that I find this worrying would be a major understatement.

Certain events are re-furnished, re-packaged and visibly falsified, yet if you repeat something long enough, it sadly seems to stick, eventually reaching the status of “truth”.

I’m living in the hope that historians see beyond whatever popular chanting that is the norm in their time, and that we are actually looking at genuine truths when looking at the past. I’m starting to have my doubts if the behaviour we witness today is testimony  to what people have been up to before…  Hopefully there will be a small grain of truth left regarding how our present will be re-told to future generations….

American conservative politicians have already been physically attacked due to their political opinions. Violently attacked. I didn’t feature those news stories on here, but I followed them with great horror and worry.

Now there is a new cycle of street-level political-terror, but no one really seems to be putting this into the correct context, completely omitting that street-level political violence have been filmed and broadcasted from across the pond for a while actually, depicting people being physically attacked for wearing a MAGA hat, for example.

There’s been instances of anti-austerity protests in Europe that have gotten quite violent, with one of the strangest locations targeted for vandalism being the “Cereal Killer” “coffee shop” in London. Why such a place would attract such behaviour can only be explained in what they unknowingly or unwillingly represent: gentrification. Which simply means that safety is an illusion. You never know, and that’s all you’ll ever know.

There were scary riots in Croydon, there is a state of chaos in various French and Swedish territories due to cultural enrichment, but to claim that these hostilities and clashes are only race and/or ethnicity based is false. There is a political element that divides people who look just the same, whether you are looking at foreigners who bring their tribal feuds with them into Europe, various European tribes openly arguing about how to handle the invasion/migration crisis, and outrageously angry inter-group arguments due to profound ideological division. I therefore fail to see why there are some who seem so very keen on further destabilisation. In short: it already looks like a f*@% mess.

In fact, when looking at some of the material that is out there regarding inter-European arguing we can very well be approaching a specific point that triggers a whole domino effect of state initiated political-violence. In fact it is remarkable that it hasn’t happened already, all things considered. You can sense a certain dread, a disrespect, an annoyance, a contempt, between European decision makers when observing footage of them interacting, or reading about their whereabouts. The most troubling signs of a continent in total decay are actually the small things, because these bear witness of turbulent situations that are not under control but that are rather bubbling up to the surface, all of a sudden becoming visible in the mainstream. It’s all in the small side-comments, the sarcasm, the ridicule, accusations of mental disorders, threats of imprisonment, the hold back of money if people don’t take in more migrants, etc; It all looks like a landscape where everything will of a sudden be thrown into absolute turmoil, because it already is … under the surface.

It is vital to understand these situations. It is vital to look at the provocateurs, what causes the reaction, the poking, what stirs people. Yet we are apparently not supposed to do this, and this, ironically enough comes from those who would chant “Never Again” and that history has to be studied so that crimes against humanity are not repeated….

How can you expect history to stand still if you refuse to look at things critically and in-depth?

Why did Charlottesville happen? Why were there people there in the first place? Was it because there was a movement to remove a statue due to it being deemed politically incorrect? Isn’t it so that there are individuals over here who also want to remove culturally/historically offensive statues? Isn’t it so that there is a movement to de-whitefy our culture in a territory that isn’t even African or Arab? We are after all talking about European Nations. Our territories, population groups and cultures are old. Very old.

Why did people vote from President Donald J.Trump? What is it really like to live in the U.S.A.? What is it like to live in Urban-America? Did America look like a country that was doing well for itself, financially, culturally, before Trump? Or did it seem like a country on its deathbed?

How is it like to live in the territory commonly referred to as Europe? Why are people angry? Are they angry perhaps since they are being forced to share living space with imported people who don’t come from Eastern Europe or other parts of the continent, but people who come from Africa and the Middle East? Are people upset perhaps because they are losing their Nations and their cultures? Are people maybe upset because they end up being the targets of violence? Because they feel wronged, forgotten?Or are people upset because they sense that their safety is rocked due to what they see and/or hear about from other territories and then align this with their own situation?

It is rather difficult to not get upset if several parts of your continent is being recklessly compromised. It is unrealistic to expect complacency. What is also dangerous are those who in a state of panic start suggesting all sorts of petitions that are worded clumsily, because they don’t dare to call a spade a spade, potentially throwing a great deal of people under the bus, by formulating suggestions for legislation that would incriminate pretty much everyone. The pitfalls are endless, innumerable.

Yet if you understand President Donald J.Trump’s popularity or you support him you are allegedly an enemy of the people….


You are not, but I think that there is one enemy who’ll always be loathed more than any other, and it is that brother or sister of yours who tells you the truth or God forbid: that you are wrong.

In practise that individual isn’t really you’re enemy, but you’ll perceive it as such when you feel slighted, and it is precisely in a moment like that, when “the slighted” might feel like striking back; and it is in the response to a reaction such as that, that it is determined whether you are going to war or not.

Preferably not.

Yet with humans being so profoundly irrational, then what can ever be expected?

Lyric Book – Signed Physical Copies!

A little while ago I received my 1st printed version of my Illustrated Lyric Book 🙂 It made me so happy and proud to actually have a physical copy in my hand! I was positively surprised at the amazing quality as well; it certainly looks very exclusive when you hold it in your hands!

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Writing With One Hand….

Yes…I was planning on posting quite a lot of updates these past weeks but I’ve experienced some troubles with my shoulder so I’m waiting for that to improve :/

Needless to say there has been a lot to think about lately in terms of news … which I address further down in my entry!

I was personally very happy yesterday when I saw that my lyric book reached bestseller status on Amazon 🙂 Becoming my second release (that I’m aware of) to experience such a thing. Musically I’ve been busy plotting what to do next with my “secret project” which won’t remain secret for much longer…..I will reveal more details concerning that one very soon…get ready for your minds to be blown….one way or the other….in not too long!

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 19.04.30.png

I’ve been reading more books about mindfulness….which is becoming a bit tiring at this point 😛 I will write some reviews about that next week….probably.

In terms of the world…

Shit is hitting the fan when it comes to our shared environment…not that long ago there was a “smog” warning in London as the air was just as bad or worse (can’t remember which one) than Beijing…yes you read that right….there’s also  been food rations in the UK from supermarkets as there’s been bad crops in the south…

Things are set to get interesting when people realise that it is NOT natural to have access to anything that you want regardless of the seasons. Brace yourself for the “apocalypse” as climate change kicks in or move out to the countryside, which is probably the smartest thing to do. Grow your own veggies!!!!!!

Paris is on fire. Apparently this is nothing new….Sweden is lost, I guess France is next and then….Germany? Thanks a lot to our amazing leaders!

Meanwhile in Eastern-Europe….. ↓


Hmmm…..So on one side you got idiotic so-called European leaders…who deny that anything is wrong while their countries are burning….areas that are no-go zones for native Europeans….culture clashes making life intolerable for some ethnic Europeans and  police officers who give up as the politically correct establishment won’t let them do their job.

(READ THIS: Swedish Whistle Blower…. you can find more articles like these btw. It is a real story).

Then on the other hand you got Eastern-Europeans who are neither interested in Russia nor “Kebab” kicking their ass…even putting up a sign like the one above…of course the sign is very offensive…but if the choice stands between siding with militant west-hating supremacists muslims backed by self-hating western ideological lunatics….I guess you don’t have much choice ? Or? Hmmm….I hope that things can be sorted out peacefully…that’s the issue…what can be done? You cannot allow haters to stay in your country…but how do you identify who is the enemy and who is not? 😦 :/

I’m really and truly wondering who stands to benefit from the new “European-conflict,” I mean the foundation upon which individual civil wars within our continent can emerge has been created. But who is behind this? And who wins?


Irreparable damage has already been done. Heard about the Chinese immigrants who get targeted by muslim supremacists in France? Or Jews fleeing back to Israel? Things are not alright and they haven’t been for a long time. In fact….tensions are only escalating thanks to disrespectful, ungrateful supremacists cheered on by weird, self-hating Europeans. Don’t ask me why people are celebrating hate towards their own. It’s a bizarre situation. Let me add….a VERY bizarre situation

I just signed this btw:


Over to a country where things might become … great again 😛

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Joy Villa’s dress at the Grammys! Funny enough I had actually been thinking about how cool it would have been to get a red MAGA dress to wear at a red carpet event, so imagine my shock when I saw an artist actually doing this! Another example of how artists seem to tap into the same “idea centre.” I thought Joy Villa was extremely brave and applaud her move. I thought it was inspiring and nothing short of iconic!

I also saw Donald Trump’s epic press conference and couldn’t believe my ears. I’m in awe over the fact that he fights back and keep the course which he set out on during his campaign. I can’t believe I’m witnessing what I’m witnessing. I got my fingers crossed that future European leaders will be just as badass! Donald Trump is incredible. If in doubt then take the time to actually check him out!

“Sean Spicer’s press briefings” is the most watched “show” when it comes to day-time TV in America. I’m telling you…politics is cool all of a sudden. Press briefings are pop! I was going to make a ” Top Sean Spicer Moments” last week, now that I know how pop he is I guess I’ll be en-vogue for a change 😛 I’m an absolute fan of the most badass press secretary ever. Period.


So…my apologies to those who disagree with me politically…but I just can’t stand by and cover up nor justify how anti-western the so-called “left” has become. I cannot disrespect my ancestors nor young members of my family by supporting those who wish to destroy us. Literally. We have reached a point where you are either pro-west or anti-west. I will never align myself with those who seek to destroy my native country, my country of residency or any of the countries that I’ve lived in. There is really no such thing as “Europeans” yet I actually identify myself as such in a way … due to where and how I have lived and out of admiration, solidarity and love. What’s in the best interest of Europeans, independently and together will always be important to me. The same can be said of the USA. We have to look after what is “ours.”

New Year, Same Issues.

How do you start a new “blog-year”? Certainly not like this “Starting A Blog?,” as I’m not launching a new blog and neither like this “Too busy to be on my phone.,” as I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll aim for 2 entries a week in 2017. So…. was I going to write about all the new books that I’ve bought myself, the joy of getting back into shape after being ill, or trying out a completely organic skin-regiment? Hmmm….I was planning on writing an entry called “sorry” officially apologising for any un-intended typos in my entries as WordPress lacks a good grammar tool. I correct my entries going over them several times before publishing… only for glaring imperfections to find their way into the final post. This is also something I’ve noticed on big news sites. It seems like technology hasn’t quite caught up yet….  I was contemplating publishing an entry featuring some outrageous YouTube songs just to lighten up the mood a little, then I figured that my first piece could be an opinion piece… but as the days of the week went past I picked up some news from here and some news from there… so I guess it is obvious where this is going…..

  1. I’m always happy when I’m proven wrong as far as my social commentaries are concerned so when I heard about this story I was quite pleased that the stark future of Japan might be greatly exaggerated. This was the source behind the rumour btw; check it out for yourself.

2. Then again my blog entries where I shared my concern regarding future turbulence and increased racial tensions both in Europe and the USA….were not that far off….The authorities in Chicago changed their mind and decided to call it a hate crime after all…see… this is what happens when the PC people try their best to spread “Rwanda-esque” propaganda…*thanks for that*….People were already divided…we certainly don’t need that to escalate. I’ve not watched the video in the link below as I find these type of things disturbing. Always remember that hate doesn’t need a reason. The whole “liberal” viewpoint that terrorism is “deserved” or that racial crimes can be justified if they are committed by minorities is nothing but nonsense. Yet this is a theory that is promoted in high schools where films meant to create sympathy for  Palestinian suicide bombers are shown….”People throw rocks when they got nothing else, individuals martyr themselves when they are forced into a corner”…didn’t a certain leader say something about ” young men joining ISIS because they didn’t have jobs” when a lot of these fighters actually were very well-educated, integrated and employed? There doesn’t have to be a justifiable nor understandable reason for violence. If you buy into the “I’ll understand everything” mentality you’ll soon excuse those guilty of Pedophilia and sympathise, maybe even welcome your own abusers….

3. This was sent to me…..I would like to add that it has been revealed in de-classified British documents that politicians lied to the population regarding the intended role of the EU, when they first joined. This type of lying was also revealed in Norway regarding immigration. The goal was always to use immigration to fundamentally change my country of origin. I guess the same can be said of other European countries.

4. In Germany it was news that “nothing happened” on New Years Eve, of course this also led to the authorities being criticised for “racial-profiling” by some. You gotta laugh. SMH

5. I heard rumours that Hitler was back in Germany. Of course this book was never out of print in the Middle East….did I ever share the old Norwegian news-story of Neo-Nazis being arrested for demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy, whereas rock-throwing muslims were allowed to stay? SMH. #SameShitDifferentWrapping

6. An equally disturbing and inspiring story. I wish that the world could be purged of trafficking and slavery. Do sex-work customers ever ask themselves if the individual who they are “buying” is there of their own free will? #PurgeTheHeretics$sitewide%20p$8

7. Seeking Arrangements are popping up everywhere it seems…I’m wondering if they are paying for the exposure or if these chicks are so desperate for attention they just don’t see how silly they come across. I’m waiting for the “Sugar Babies” reality show…( The Naughty or Secret Lives Of The Sugar Babies)…. you know it is bound to happen….I’m amazed it hasn’t happened already.

Here we have a chick who is an escort….without realising it…..$sitewide%20p$4

8. This Christmas I also came across an article, in a physical newspaper, written by a “leftie,” who was advocating for a military escalation in Syria… All in the name of human rights of course. Modern “liberals” are not less war-mongering than others, let’s not forget the Obama administration….these people simply support warfare and destruction if it is in accordance with their ideology. Hypocrites.


Hey you guys!!! I’m really excited today as I launched the pre-order campaign for my upcoming album :):)

If you like what I’m up to or you are curious after reading my blog, you can check out the teaser for my album right here: 

There is also a new in depth interview with me out as well, if you want to know more about me when it comes to what I do professionally check it out: NEW Interview!!!

*Feeling good* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Things To Read!

Yeah, that’s right.

I’m having so much fun these days packing, preparing my move, that I can hardly contain myself. Come on now, nothing beats moving, everybody knows that.

As the professional packer that I am, I’ve been reading and looking thru the various things that I’ve been finding….and have started re-reading some books even.

After packing away whatever music equipment I had, I ended up reading on my computer… here are today’s awesome online articles:

I’m absolutely terrified of this: The Intentional Murder Of Your iPhone.

I don’t understand the need to make us dumber, but here you go, French is not French anymore: Destroying French.

HA-HA-HA! Who said hell was warm? Welcome.

If you wanna see something freaky: BOOOOOOO!

This explains my love of reading I guess: Love your books.

I had no idea…this explains why we love to sing: Sing To Be Happy.

We are happy when we learn new things: Keep on Learning.

Think about one thing that makes you happy everyday: Think Yourself Happy.

5 ways to become happy without therapy: How To Be Calm and Happy.

How to become a genius: How To…

Am I the only person who feels that liberal newspapers don’t do anything else but talk about how the world sucks?  Any issue can be turned into a negative one, just follow enough liberal papers online and you’ll see what I mean. If you feel like reading something depressing about how the world becomes increasingly horrible READ HERE.

Anonymous & BinarySec Declares War Against Islamic State.

It is now official. Anonymous & BinarySec declares war against Islamic State. Say they will hack and stop their online activity, read this article to get all the details. Anonymous & BinarySec declares war after Paris attacks.

Watch the announcement in French right here: Anonymous announce that they will bring down Islamic State’s online activity.

Here is an article about the pianist who played John Lennon’s “Imagine” outside the Bataclan theatre: Imagine 🙂

And speaking of hackers….Bulgarian President claims that the Russian government has been hacking Bulgaria and that Russia plans “hybrid warfare” to destabilise Europe…Hybrid Warfare from Russia???

A very cool article documenting internet use across the globe: Internet info.

In the light of UK legislation enabling the storage of everyone’s web activity for a year, the plot of the latest James Bond movie couldn’t be more spot on. If you guys haven’t seen it, please do! It’s awesome \m/ Spectre Review \m/

And speaking of the digital world…Danny Boyle’s movie about Steve Jobs starring Fassbender, flops in the US of A….Steve Jobs Biopic \m/

The eating habits of 9 dictators. Came across this article right now, kinda interesting: The eating habits of 9 despots.

Some happy news. Jailed sex offender & disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris hospitalised due to “chocolate overdose”. Rolf Harris killing himself with sweets.

I have to admit that I had missed out on the Becky Watts case. Again as I wrote in my “5 Horrible People” entry. I can’t believe that people like this roam around among us. If Shana Hoare is a psychopath she will of course try to play the victim and claim that her guy was abusive and forced her to commit a criminal act. What the truth is we will never find out, except from the fact that Watts is dead and that Hoare & Matthews are guilty. Folie a deux

Hmm….I saw this “scandal”when the buzz sort of broke the internet. If what he says is true then this is a really shitty case considering that he actually paid up to keep these women quiet. If he didn’t reveal his ordeal though to the women he had sex with, he could go to jail from what I’ve heard. All the tabloid drama that has surrounded Sheen for ever is a sad display of how celebs with problems get treated by the tabloids and what sells to the masses. Charlie Sheen- HIV positive.

The press coverage surrounding Charlie Sheen’s “HIV Scandal” is heavily criticised by pretty much everyone. Sensationalist HIV coverage criticised.

British singer goes viral & grabs headlines after she releases a tearful video of her self crying about her latest single being ignored by Radio2. She claims she will quit the industry. Seriously. This is the age of YouTubers & people building careers online. Maybe I should make a tearful video bashing whomever since I’m an independent artist 😛 Just kidding. Seriously though…you gotta keep on moving forward. If things are hard or you get a “no” from somebody, find a way around the “no”and think things thru. This also makes me think of an entry I did a while back where I wrote that I’ve heard tons of stories about ” bands who change their image etc. to conform to the industry only to be let down by the very same people who told them to change”. I also read a very interesting interview with one of the first YouTube stars. She went viral and was one of the first acts to do so and found herself being featured on TV etc. in America. YouTube was a new thing and when she was offered a record deal with a major, she “jumped ships” and gave over everything to the label. She stopped handling her own YouTube and Social Media, because now she was gonna be a rock star and be part of the establishment. She did was she was told and released an album with music she hated and nobody bought, she lost touch with her online fan base and the whole thing fell apart. When sales were poor of the album released by the major, they dropped her. Bottom line is. Don’t sell out. Go into a partnership if the opportunity presents itself.Sandi Thom crying over Radio2.

Model makes an ass of herself on Instagram. Goes on a rant after receiving only 14 likes on a re-gram. Absolutely hilarious and equally disturbing. Get off your phone girl. Like dude. Seriously? Angry Model. Goes viral.

Student goes viral after addressing women and their makeup. Women and their makeup.

Great article about the “pay-gap” \m/ We need more female entertainers advocating equal pay. It doesn’t make any sense that a woman should be paid less for the same work that a man is doing. It’s an insult to women. Equal pay.

Teen girls feel pressured to send out nudes to guys they fancy, only to find themselves being ridiculed and bullied when their pics gets shared with everyone. Assholes will be assholes. NEVER send out nudes. Period. Especially if you get bullied into it. Sexting & nudes

Very funny article about sexism and Victoria Secret’s underwear show. Funny and well written 🙂 Sexism & modelling.

This chick is cool even though  I did wonder what a “Do-Nothing-Bitch” was when I saw that whole thing trending :/ A woman with muscles = hot. Ronda Rousey \m/

Never heard of this lady, but she is a billionaire at 31 and a business icon apparently. Check it out. Elizabeth Holmes.

If you feel miserable. This might be the reason. Why we are miserable.

An amazing article about loneliness. Very well written and something that should be discussed more. Loneliness kills.

People felt happy when they abstained from Facebook for a week. Social media Detox.

I’m puzzled by this case :/ Why give away this notebook if she feared the content? Had she forgotten about it? :/ Cute.