Finally some sponsored YouTube content! Find out how you can do the same!

So this morning I woke up to the beautiful sight of my account looking like this:

sponsorship notification

This is how it looks like when you have made an approved sponsored video! It will show up in your content section and automatically become part of your “commercial-cv.”

If you want to know more about the site and my experience so far then make sure that you join my LIVE stream on Patreon for only 1$ on the 28th this month! I do minimum two update videos every month and have turned these into live streams in 2019 which means that not only will you get all sorts of tips and advice relevant to being an indie-musician you can also ask me questions and interact with me!

Obviously I’m very excited about my first sponsored content and I hope that I will get hired to make many more videos in the future! I’ve only contacted brands that are related to interests that I’ve expressed on my social media, which is an important detail when it comes to sponsored content! You have to aim for products that genuinely interests you or that you think that your fans/followers will have an interest in!

Whenever you create a video that features sponsored content you are obliged by law to notify the viewer, which means that none of the videos that I’ve made in the past for brands were sponsored! The standard for a video with 100.000 views on YouTube is 10.000$ for a featured product. That’s quite something to find out, especially when you are creating content that is in perpetuity, which obviously is the case whenever an artist makes a music video!

I wish that there was an organisation for independent musicians that could notify creatives of these things! As it is you just have to find out things on your own which means that you’ll miss out on financial opportunities!

The secretive nature of musicians also makes it difficult to “unionise” if you get what I’m trying to say. When I was offered to do my very 1st clinic some years back I tried to shop around and ask musicians who only do clinics what an average rate might be. Nobody wanted to help me with this so I was never able to figure out what a standard industry rate might look like. Likewise; when I was ill and injured I couldn’t find any averages for injuries or an estimated retirement age which meant that I had to resort to online forums which is not representative due to limited sample sizes! 

The music industry is so murky that it leaves a lot of people fumbling in the darkness when it comes to: technique, health & money! 

I think most aspiring musicians will have come across people who play amazing licks and runs only to receive a note with a scale written on it if asking about said lick!

I took lessons with a very difficult (but well-respected) guitar teacher some years back who waited until my hand was hurting so much that I had to take a break before he shared health-related knowledge with me. He literally waited until I could have gotten injured. That is not acceptable tutoring. Nor is it acceptable to shower students in sarcasm which I guess is common with miserable musicians. Envy is apparently rampant in this business which is not a good thing.

The secrecy that guitar players shroud themselves in is ridiculous as well since it only makes it harder for musicians as a demographic. The general atomised culture makes it easier to take advantage of performers or creative artists in show biz!

If you are looking for a mentor or a teacher who doesn’t hold anything back then you should get in touch with me! Not only do I customise my music lessons to fit whatever individual needs, I also share my knowledge. Obviously I don’t do this for free! In order to have a one-hour customised private lesson with me over SKYPE or in person you’ll have to pay 30GBP, I will also expect that I’m mentioned or thanked if I aid you when it comes to your recordings, etc; It is a bit silly to seek out expertise only to pretend that you came up with everything on your own afterwards!

I always give credit to Ramon Ortiz even though I didn’t take that many lessons with him, because he had a great influence on my heavy metal guitar playing. I also mention Steve Smyth even though I only had one masterclass with him. He is a great teacher and if anything, he  boosted my confidence as a player before I recorded my Evolution EP!

And of course I always thank my mother Elisabeth who taught me how to sing opera by using the bel canto technique, not to forget that she is also my manager!

Letting people know that you appreciate their help and support by giving them credit or by officially thanking them should become more commonplace in showbiz!

There is always a generation of musicians coming after you and it is the duty of those who are more experienced to pass their knowledge on, especially if you know how to sing or play classical music.

This is part of our irreplaceable European heritage and it can never be allowed to get lost!

Lyric Book – Signed Physical Copies!

A little while ago I received my 1st printed version of my Illustrated Lyric Book 🙂 It made me so happy and proud to actually have a physical copy in my hand! I was positively surprised at the amazing quality as well; it certainly looks very exclusive when you hold it in your hands!

Signed Physical Copies of this book will only be available through my Patreon Page 😀 If you are keen on a digital copy of my Amazon Bestseller Lyric Book, you can get yours here: eBook. The eBook version is shorter since the Physical one also includes some pages with only artwork; I’ll give you a sneak peek here:


I’ve also released my 1st Blog Book; which is why a number of my entries have been set to private here on my blog. If you want a chronological insight into my Blog writing from my 1st entry up until Christmas 2016, then check this out. I’ve not included Music Industry related entries as these will be released as a separate book. Buy My Book Here!

blog book cover

If you like my drawings then make sure that you check out my very 1st book; my Amazon Bestselling illustrated children’s book “The Freezing Snowman.”



EMG Pickups!

So now I’m back home in the UK, after a hectic and fun week over in the US of A! I went over to shoot some cool shred vids for Guitar World Magazine and thought ” hey since I’m in the US I can might as well go by EMG!” Which basically meant flying over to Oakland, California!

So how long have I’ve been using EMG? I got my first set back in 2009, the Kerry King signature set, in fact my very first tweet, is a tweet about my EMG pickups 😀

So, here we go!

I almost lost my flight the 29th as I waited 1 hour for a SuperShuttle that never showed up! Becoming increasingly stressed out, I eventually grabbed a cab and as we arrived to the airport I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could and was barely able to make it in time to get myself checked in.

By the time I finally got to the gate, they were already boarding the economy section. Thank you “Super” Shuttle.


The flight though, was absolutely amazing in terms of view! I also had wi-fi the whole trip ( you gotta love these American Airlines).





Check out this iPod, seriously…it looks like one


We flew over mountains and an area full of crop circles…Aliens anyone?




Serious alien activity….

Anyway, check out the awesome orange soil!


Is this the Grand Canyon? Looks totally awesome!! Check out the huge crack!




Some desert, it seems like…


And that’s a dried out river folks….draught in California…


After my trans-American flight, I had to wait at LAX for a cute little plane that took me to Oakland, seriously I would like to own one of those and know how to fly one!!!!!



Once I had arrived to Oakland, I engaged in a very interesting Peek-A-Boo séance with my driver, which basically took a whole hour…lol…before we finally found each other…again 😛

I should have taken a picture of the car, but alas, whenever I get drivers I always forget to take pics, which is a shame, because having a driver totally rocks \m/


It was a 2 hour drive








When did I wake up? Around 3 o’clock and totally de-hydrated I went for a water-hunt around the hotel and did some blogging.


Make-up time, warm up time, breakfast time & mall time.








We figured that I was gonna make an alternative entry and talk about the abuse and neglect you have to endure as an EMG artist…






I can’t believe I had to walk from the airport and sleep like this!


That’s IT I’ve had enough! 😛 😛

Anyway, jokes aside, it was a VERY productive trip, we got a lot of material down and it was fun too \m/


The day after we did a factory tour!













Then Tommy took me to the airport, and off I went back to New York!
Thanks a lot to Tommy and EMG for the invitation \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/






I would seriously love a plane like this.



Hanging out at LAX again….


Looking at dolls!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛