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We are apparently moving closer to WW3 thanks to the Syrian conflict according to various online articles. Russia vs. USA and whatever allies that gets mixed up in the middle….Seems totally random for a civilian to read these things; where on earth did this “nuclear threat” all of a sudden come from? Politicians over in Kremlin have apparently been trying to push Putin to nuke something small over here, like the Faroe Islands or something to teach us all a lesson, not quite sure why we would “deserve” something like this or what lesson we would learn? But Washington, NATO, probably the EU and Gods knows who else are pissing on the Russians and Putin has had enough. Makes me wonder what sort of issues that are not being reported on over here. Our news are either heavily censored or Kremlin totally paranoid. Β Not that long ago a whole bunch of military personnel were fired to give way to generals (I believe), that would be willing to engage in warfare against Europeans.

On a different note, Assange is at it again, in case you’ve missed it. Tons of emails revealing the truth about the Clinton campaign and how rotten it truly is. How arrogant Clinton is, not to mention how criminal. The fact that this woman has escaped prison is a disgrace considering how strict the judicial system is for average Americans. I hope that the US will be able to sort out their problems. It is a lovely country and it saddens me when urban gangsters, incompetent, criminal politicians and unpatriotic business people do their best to destroy it 😦 😦 😦 😦

Here are some online articles that aren’t really that serious, you can read more about the above by googling around:

Society has become waaay too sensitive.

This woman is 62????????????????

Online Articles You Should Read ;)

Here is a very important article about Professors feeling pressured into political correctness. I really liked this one as the writer was firmly centred in the middle, critiquing the effect of “safe spaces” and whining from the left while critiquing corporate influence and the right trying to shake things up as well. What you get are Professors stuck in the middle, afraid of actually doing what they should be doing: researching and discussing controversial topics.

Here are three articles from New Scientist, I love that magazine ❀ The building blocks of memories

The Zodiac Scandal: NASA vs. The Tabloids

We all got superpowers πŸ˜‰ Check it out Your Super-power Mind πŸ˜‰

From Stephen Hsu: Genetic Clustering

From the ultimate female role-model: Martha Stewart

From Psychology Today:Do You Outsource Your Self-Esteem?


From Psychologies:7 good habits

Cope With Stress

Here is a cute story from a very charming Muslim girl in Berlin:Β πŸ™‚ Check it out!

Here is a not so cute story about Danish girls being attacked by immigrant boys 😦
Worrying News From Denmark

Boosting Energy So You Can Play More!

Here are some cool articles I’ve come across that I believe will help people relax, in our stressed out times. I think that these could be helpful, especially since we have entered into a new year and there are probably plenty of people who feel like “resetting” their life.

One of the best things I started doing back in 2014 was going for a long walk everyday. At first making such a commitment can seem stressing if you have a lot of things that you need to do. Going for a long walk is not exactly productive is it? But….it resets your mind and helps you go on working for longer. If you especially think about how much time the average person spend on watching something, the truth is that you have nothing to lose on ditching a netflix show going for a walk. If you also think about how much time that is spent scrolling on social media, it will feel more time-efficient to spend that time on reading instead. In fact reading doesn’t seem that time consuming anymore if you compare it to social-media.

The other night I spent 2 hours working on opera singing, one hour of real full voice singing and then one hour of studying new music. The new music I embarked on was challenging and the sheet music looked like some impenetrable jungle. I got really tired and overwhelmed, thinking: “how on earth will I ever get thru this?”. The lyrics were also in a language I couldn’t understand, so I was sitting there wondering about my pronunciation.

Needless to say it made me unusually tired and I wondered where I would find the energy to sit down and write a song from scratch, as this was what I was gonna do after singing. Writing a song that required a different style of lyric writing that was entirely new to me. What solved my “fatigue” problem was to go back and do something that I incorporated into my daily routine in 2014. I meditated.

After 20 minutes of meditation and just going for an “inside walk” around the house I was ready to rock’n’roll. It took me two hours to finish this brand new song of mine. But I wouldn’t have been able to complete it if I hadn’t re-charged my batteries for those 20 min.

2014 was a year where I had to do the impossible. I had 6 months to learn how to play the violin- virtuoso piece “Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso” on guitar, as the main piece on an album I was to make. The studio time had already been booked. Β I had 9 classical songs Β to memorise and master in a limited time frame. The main focus was “Introduction”, never before recorded by guitarists and never before played on an electric guitar. We also threw in Paganini’s most difficult Caprice. I knew that I had to get into 8 hour practise routines, that I had to change my guitar to a lighter model and that I would have to seek and exploit whatever energy and had in my ” energy-reserve” bank. Going for a long walk and meditating every morning made me wonder at first if I was only wasting valuable “playing-time”, but I seriously doubt I would have been able to pull off what I did if I had not incorporated meditation and walking into my routine.

So if you need to boost your energy, take some time to read the articles I came across:

22 Anti-Anxiety Tips.

Quick Tips From New Scientist.

How To Be Happy.

Changing Your Life Around.

This is the original list that the 22 tips were taken from above, if you feel like reading more check this out:Β A 100 Anti-Anxiety Tips-Worth A Read!

Random Guardian Article That Could Be Inspiring For Visual Artists



Pussy riot, conspiracy theories & Erdogan.

Soooo I have this new theme on my blog called “Things To Read” that you guys could check out. TodayΒ I started out reading about the annoying Turkey situation and for some bizarre reason ended up reading about Pussy Riot. A “group” I had heard about but never really paidΒ much attention to.

It turns out that some people in Russia actually believes that “Pussy Riot” were “western-propaganda” backed by the BBC and other western media. Which is probably one of the most amusing conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard. For anyone to think that “Pussy Riot’s” behaviour is representative of “western” behaviour is absolutely absurd. The way they behave is in accordance with “radical” people all over the globe, such as the “anti-austerity” protesters who vandalised the “Cereal Killer” cafe down in London. The fact that the Russian girls were given so much press exposure in the Western media is probably due to Western media’s love of anything that is “anti-authoritarian” and especially “anti-christian”. Russian conspiracy theories have to keep in mind that both Asange & Snowden are considered heroes by the western media, besides the conservative branch who brands them as terrorists, so anti-Putin, anti-authority, pro-feminist, pro-abortion, Pussy Riot is of course something that makes a good story.

I have to admit that they make for a good laugh to be fair and if they had not been arrested it is probable that they would never really have made global news, but been ignored, which is normally the case which such groups. People forget them easily, but when you start imprisoning people for blasphemous, hooligan behaviour, you actually make their point by doing so. In my opinion I think their punishment was too severe.

Also an interesting thing to note is the dubious background of these Pussy Riot protesters. They might have some points about “freedom of speech” being violated, but I don’t really think that they will gain much support from their fellow country men and if you see their “chicken-stunt” or “orgy-in-the-museum-stunt” it is hard to take these chicks seriously.

If you wanna read a Russian conspiracy theory about the evil west, read here:Β Russian Conspiracy Theory

In more relevant news, Russia asked the UK to help them with the black box for their aircraft that was shot down by Turkey. But the UK government said no to this as they do not wish to potentially incriminate another NATO country. The UK and Russia agreed to work together on the Syria problem though.Β UK and Russia together against Islamic State, not together when it comes to Erdogan.

News from 2 hours ago!Β Russian Black Box Un-readable

More about Russia in Syria:Β Putin prepared to increase military presence in Syria.

Did a Chinese worker really send out a SOS in a Primark sock? I don’t think it can be dismissed entirely as a hoax. Why should we believe Primark? If sweat shops where people are abused provide socks to Primark, isn’t it more natural to believe that the company would be more interested in saving face rather than to admit the truth? What are they suggesting really? That it is sabotage from another company? And why would we trust the Chinese to investigate this anyway? If it is true, it is highly likely that the man has been neutralised. Which in a less politically correct way means, disposed of.Β SOS from the invisible hands of China

60% of all Christmas decorations come from China.Β More from China.

Hitchens was the real Scrooge πŸ˜›

Awkward dating story.

Show biz- Stunt woman severely injured, lucky to be alive.Β Stunt woman horror

Show biz- New teeth for Pogues Singer.Β New teeth