“The Lockdown” – New Music Video Out Now!

During the lockdown I sent out a mass email to my fans asking them how they were doing with the Corona Virus. People shared their heartbreaking stories and this resulted in me writing a song called “The Lockdown.” As a gift to my fans I’m offering the song as a FREE download via my website!Continue reading ““The Lockdown” – New Music Video Out Now!”


The Government has no right to use everyone on this island as guinea pigs. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 because the Government want the English people to develop “herd immunity.” This is a new virus, and the side effects can be numerous. Some even claim that it is a bio-weapon,Continue reading “PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!EMERGENCY!SOS!”

Idiocracy Confirmed.

I’ve written extensively about system-collapses in the Western World the last few years. In my upcoming blog book “Thought Crime” I’ve aired my deep concern regarding the general lack of preparedness level for any crisis, or inconvenience. I wrote this waaaay before the Coronavirus outbreak, so red flags have been popping up left, right andContinue reading “Idiocracy Confirmed.”