Interesting Reading Material

I would highly recommend reading these two articles: “Eugenics: The Skeleton That Rattles Loudest In The Left’s Closet” “Neighbours From hell”:Who is the Prime Minister talking about?

Homeless While Still Working Full-time.

In this stunning article from The Financial Times it is revealed that despite the availability of jobs the amount of homeless people in Britain is just increasing. This is not due to “laziness” but due to the cost of renting. It is too expensive to buy and too expensive to rent which leaves a greatContinue reading “Homeless While Still Working Full-time.”

Women Have Always Been Working.

A good while back when I was busy doing my “kitchen duty“  my sister entered the apartment fresh from work. After greeting her and re-focusing on whatever pot and pans I was in the middle of cleaning it dawned upon me how women have always been working whether they were paid for it or not.Continue reading “Women Have Always Been Working.”


Read this entry & other old blog posts by purchasing my 1st blog book (as an eBook) right here: It also available in iBooks. A signed limited number of physical copies are available. Please contact me via my website if interested 🙂 This book is expensive to print and send. You can get the eBookContinue reading “Empathy…….”