Cover art for my 3rd album!

Yesterday we released the cover art for “Berit-Vol.1” on my Patreon! If you want to see it and have access to sneak peeks, previews and downloads, in addition to music lessons then this is the place to go:Β My Patreon

If you donate a certain amount you get access to my Patreon-exclusive physical “Lyric & Art Book,” you can also get your name featured in the credits to one of my music videos! Make sure that you check it out if you like my work and want to support my creativity!

IMG_6035credit on Ruins of Grandeur


YouTube PREMIERE in 3 hours!

This is a friendly reminder to my readership that I’m releasing a new music video this evening. I’m trying out a new feature on my YouTube channel that enables me to create a Premiere and interact with people as they watch my content.

Today we are releasing “Ruins of Grandeur” the 4th music video from my upcoming 3rd album “Berit-Vol.1” the 1st album in a series of 4.

You can join me by clicking on this link:Β RUINS OF GRANDEUR