A Horrible Reminder Of How Human Beings Can Behave If Given The Chance.

In an age where everyone keeps talking about the Holocaust constantly, well there is a reason as to why. Funny though how human experiments in Japan are never really spoken about. I seem to remember that I wrote a song about this kind of horror. Nasty shit.

Anyway, this is not an excuse for engaging in culture-killing replacement migration. I mean there is no way in hell that you can make that sound good. Whoever had that idea was an idiot, or at least an enemy to anyone with an ounce of self-preservation instincts. There is no reason to believe even for a second that foreign tribes/nations wouldn’t behave like these Nazi-wackos if given the chance.

For all we know maybe these type of things are still going on “in the name of science.” I hope not; or actually now that I think of it…maybe unethical behaviour is something that our societies are forced into in order to compete with others?ย Hmmm … that’s a great excuse for imperialism in the name of morality right there. Not that a “one world government” would really work in theory, not to forget that huge social constructs are always hijacked regardless of how well-intended the initiative is. Brings to mind all of these entrepreneurs with a vision, who end up getting kicked out of their own company; or founders of movements who once again, have their image/name/persona you name it warped out of recognition. Shame that idealism or kind efforts, always seem to be corrupted at one point or the other.

I guess there is one universal rule. Don’t trust anyone or anything.

Here is an Auschwitz survivor who decided to forgive Dr. Mengele. I have no idea how she could do that :/ Good heavens. Interesting what comes popping up out of nowhere in my social media feeds.





When The Mad Come Knocking….

So Facebook has a neat little feature that reminds you of your past status updates. This can be sweet reminding you of highlights from previous years, but it can also be a spooky reminder of things you would rather forget.

Last year I had the great “honour” of someone trolling me big time on my social media accounts. At first I thought that it was nothing, but when my private FB started living a life of it’s own I knew that something was up.ย I’m fully aware of everything that I do whenever I’m online, but how can you prove that you aren’t doing anything weird yourself if weird things are happening in your name officially? At a certain point I was changing my passwords everyday, but to no avail. Needless to say I was creeped out and had no idea how to deal with the situation. I was equally obsessed with trying to find out what on earth was going on.

God knows who it was that spent 5 months messing with me in cyberspace, whomever it was, it must have been someone who hated me profoundly. This led me of course to ransack my memories, desperately trying to find an occasion where I had been rude to someone or unpleasant. I mean who could have a reason to despise me so profoundly?Trying to figure out who my enemy or enemies could be was a fruitless mission.

It wasn’t until I was in Norway and a friend of mine reminded me how irrational hate is, that a light bulb went off. ” A person can start hating you because you didn’t say hi to them at the supermarket”. Shit she is right, I though. It then dawned upon me that it was likely that I had caught the attention of an absolute mad man/woman that for some reason had a strange fixation on me.

The worst thing is that it didn’t dawn upon me at first that someone could access my online profiles and read my communication, so my instant reaction was that some of my friends were forwarding my messages to a third party. Why I came to such a conclusion baffles me now. I guess the idea of some wacko spying on me seemed a bit too far fetched. Which is interesting considering that I posted a blog entry last year about thisย Crazy Fans! ( My longest entry so farโ€ฆ)

After a bizarre online experience where I was left with no serious evidence to support my claim, I started thinking about the burden of lack of evidence, even if you know that you are in the right.

Just because you have no evidence, doesn’t mean that the boogeyman doesn’t exist.

You have two type of criminals, the stupid predator and the clever predator. The clever predator can threaten and bully you via a proxy, a clever predator lets you know that you are being watched without you knowing who he or she is, a clever predator is one step ahead at all times and usually gets away, unless the person in question haven’t paid his taxes (ref AlCapone).

A stupid predator is someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer that stock piled his house with thropies and literally collected organs, mounting an incredible amount of evidence against himself. A stupid or careless predator will send you threaths from his or her email and will constantly incriminate himself. John Wayne Gaycy is another example, who buried his victims underneath his very own house, causing excessive bad smell which bothered his neighbours.

Both type of predators are scary, both are dangerous, but the clever predator gives me the creeps. A stupid, self incriminating mad man will at one point or the other fail miserably and get caught. He will be stopped sooner or later. A clever criminal will get away and continue his reign of terror. The clever predator might even spend a considerable amount of time mocking the authorities like Jack The Ripper or the Zodiac or might even incriminate someone else, who is completely innocent of the crime.

If you are truly on another level entirely of cleverness, your very existence might even be disputed, like certain mobster leaders in Italy that were so good at hiding, they were literally operating like ghosts.

The problem with a ghost though is the improbable scenario of it getting caught or the wasted efforts spent trying to prove its existence. We believe in what we see, miracles and paranormal activity doesn’t exist in court and some killers/mad men are pretty much invisible.

You might know who the guilty party is, you might even come face to face with the devil himself without any ability to take him down, due to either lack of witnesses willing to testify, lack of witnesses altogether or again lack of any evidence.

Just because you have no evidence against the boogey man doesn’t mean that the boogey man doesn’t exist and that is seriously creepy to think about ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Yes, it’s good to know that there are still people out there who hates me. This means that I’m doing something that is right I suppose, and considering how eloquent what I found below is, I thought: “why not share it?”. Behold, the best thing I’ve found so far about myself on the inter webs, courtesy of ” The Bull and The Shit” what I’m wondering is…would this person (whose blog is based in the UK), attack me if he met me in person, or pretend to be civil??? hmmm….anyway….I’m still laughing at his entry…..


“The Commander-In-Chief, huh? What in the FUCK?!
Sometimes in the evenings when I sit here by the lake after a day of war with them damn cowboys, I need to chill the fuck down and gather my spirits, talk a bit to Manitou and just be… on my Indian lonesome. It’s at times like these I use YouTube to find music that can relax me and heal me up, so I will be prepared for tomorrow’s battles. And the battles after tomorrow… and so on…

At times these moments of relief fuck up… big fucking time.

We’re there now. All thanx to some absolute idiot calling herself The-Commander-In-Chief. Yes, it’s a girl. Obviously she’s… eh… Norwegian… wherever that fucking country is. Her birth name is Berit Hagen, which sounds just as ridiculous as her “artistic” name. Oh, Wikipedia tells me she has lived in several other countries too… the USA and the UK. She speaks several languages fluently, including Norwegian, English, Italian, and French. When she lived in Chicago she took lessons in visual art with the established artist Linda Cohn (eh… who exactly is that and where the fuck is she established?). Berit started playing the guitar in 2005, at the age of 16, which makes her about 25 or so today since she’s born 3 years after “Reign in blood” was released. I was never good at math, but I do know how to shoot some arrows.

The world biggest metal magazine Metal Hammer has called her The Queen Of Shred (which I call bullshit on right away coz we all know that title belongs to The Terrible Great Kat) and has proclaimed her one of the world’s ten most exciting metal guitarists (seeeeeeeeeeeeeriously… You must be shitting me so much I need a diaper endorsement). Ron “Bumblepenis” Thal of Guns N’ Roses has said about her that “She is a great talent with proper metal spirit”. This Ron fucko is definitely sleeping with her. He might even be her husband. They are probably brother and sister as well. Deliverance vibes de luxe.

Total Guitar Magazine said this:

“It’s a sad fact that when you think of shred guitarists, the majority of them will be men. Enter The Commander-In-Chief, a seven-string wielding uber shredding female who’s ready to melt faces and shatter stereotypes. This Norwegian Metal maiden has her eyes set to command and conquer the masses.”

“It’s a sad fact”? As in… sad? You shitting me again?! Exactly what is so fucking sad about the fact that the best guitarists in the world are men? Men are better guitarists, period. Simple as that. It’s in our DNA. Just like women will always be better at… better at… hmm… they will always be better at…. being women. Yeah, that’s it. They will always dominate that shit. Oh, and they will always be better singers. For fucking sure. There’s a lot of things women will always be better than men at. Let’s just say that guitar playing will never be one of them things. Let’s call a spade a spade and not a goddamn horse, ok?

If this “Norwegian Metal maiden” will ever “command and conquer the masses” I am scalping myself. With a caterpillar. I’ll ask my canoeing brother Smelly Beaver to assist me so the job gets done properly.

But wait, there’s more about this fucking chick:

“She is an official Ibanez guitar artist. She has been using the Ibanez RG7620, but is currently playing the Ibanez S5527 Prestige guitar. She is, however, best known for playing the prototype Ibanez Falchion 7 string guitar, the only instrument of its kind in the world.”

It pains me. She’s an official Ibanez guitartist (see what I did there?). I don’t even know what they mean with that “only instrument of its kind” comment, but hey – I’m but an old Indian warrior. The Falchion is an abomination though, that’s for sure. Ibanez manufacture the best guitars in the world (I know this becoz I play them exclusively, thank you very much). Also, this:

“When performing, she is always dressed in a uniform, reflecting her chosen artist name, The Commander-In-Chief.”

She can dress up in a fucken dildo for all I care, coz what it comes down to is: is she any fucken good? I’ll give you the dubious pleasure of finding that out just now:
You still alive?

Is the world still around?

Did we survive that amazing display of BUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLSHIIIIIIIIITTTTT?!?!?!

Those are the only questions I have, pretty much. This fucking shit sickens me. It’s like Ebola all over again (what in the fuck do you mean it never left in the first place? Shut up), only this time in female form with a fucking guitar on her tits. And that’s some seriously fucken hideous guitar, people. I bet a cowboy designed it just before burning down some tipis. Fucking bastard.

This QUEEN OF SHRED (shoot me now) gets recognition becoz of 2 reasons. Or 3, I haven’t decided yet:
She’s a girl who plays guitar better than her girlfriends and some guys who suck. Big deal.
She’s not looking like a ton of shitting bricks just hit and shit her in the face.
She wears a uniform.
She could afford to make a video. Or five.
Men are pigs. Sexist pigs. Fuck all of us. Fucking assholes, we are.
That’s more than 2 reasons, and I could go on forever, but you get my point. And hey, you know what? Considering the talent and gift this one has, are you even surprised that she’s been nominated for “Best Metal Song 2011” by Hollywood Music In Media Awards as well as nominated for “Best Metal Song 2012” by the same thing?

I just threw up a little in my mouth, so here’s a few more videos for you while I clean up my shit:

And of course she sings too, and this I don’t mind:

And without studio trickery it sounds as displayed in this high energetic performance from 2012:
What in the holiest of FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS is the world coming to? Let me just say one more thing… She is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book, “The Freezing Snowman,” which is her first book. I bet it’s amazing.

Fuck you, Commander In Chief. Try to command this, you twat:
Now, fuck you again, Commander-In-Shit. (BOOYA!!!!)”

5 Horrible People.

Woke up today and I’m still thinking of the attacks over in Paris. So crazy, so sad & so pointlessย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just feel like spamming social media with posts about Paris ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Today….I took a break from working on my metal-album and discovered that my sister was watching some seriously weird shit. I ended up sitting there together with her watching one of the most frightening ย documentaries I’ve ever seen, a documentary about Jaycee Lee Dugard. Before I knew it the rest of the family joined in and the topic of debate became “Monsters” as we watched another documentary, this time about the Fritzl case. There are people out there who commit acts so horrid towards their fellow human beings that you just can’t believe how it is possible to be so sinister. How can an abusive, psychopathic monstrous person live with himself/herself? How is it possible to be so freakin’ insane? And to maintain this perfect facade and walk around and pretend like nothing is going on while you hide this horrid secret double life. Eeeeesh…it’s the definition of grotesque. People who can’t feel empathy, who don’t care and commit acts of cruelty towards they fellow human beings, don’t deserve a “fan-base” or whatever. They deserve the worst punishment possible.

I’m posting this post as a gruesome reminder that there are serious predators out there. Always remember to look after yourself and those you care about. For all you know there could live a monster on your block, right next door.

Psycho Nr.1- This guy locked his own daughter in his basement where he raped and abused her for 24 years. While his daughter was imprisoned downstairs giving birth to 7 children, he kept up the appearances with his “official family” upstairs. Talk about a sick bastard.

Psycho Nr.2- This guy caught the attention of the world when one of the women he held captive managed to escape. His horrible secret life spilled out in the open and finally put a stop to his reign of terror. While raping & abusing his victims, he went to church every Sunday and led a normal life pretending to be sane, even in court he maintained that he was a good guy, even when confronted with all the evidence proving his guilt. ย He got 1000 years in prison for all of his crimes….

Psycho Nr.3 & 4- I don’t know which one is worst? Husband or wife? See this video about Jaycee Lee Dugard who was abducted by a married couple and kept as this man’s “slave” for 18 years. Seriously. Where do people like that come from? Seriously disturbing. And what a wife. Ugh…disgusting. May they burn in hell, both of them.

Psycho Nr.5- One of the most famous serial killers of all time. Charismatic and likeable on the surface, totally insane behind the mask.

Conclusion? Never walk around alone & never trust anyone. Remember…the nutcase that got hold of Dugard claimed that “he loved her” & Castro claimed that there was ” so much harmony” going on in his house of horror where he abused his victims. Psycho, with a huge, capital P. Stay alert, you never know ๐Ÿ˜ฎ