The Most Important 10 Years Of Your Life – Part 1.

In January 2016 I started my blog year on a positive note linking to articles that I figured could help my readers.

One of the articles I linked to was this one: What are the most important years of your life?
The reason as to why I decided to revisit it now is that someone somewhere clicked on said article.
When reading it again I started thinking about my own life as an artist/musician and how that fits in with what the author/expert was saying.
I will break this blog post up into four individual ones since I’m trying to write smaller entries this year!
According to the article it is crucial for kids to have support from their parents.
I agree.
As someone who started playing guitar late it wouldn’t have been possible for me to develop technically to the degree that I have without support.
I wouldn’t have gotten exposure and other good things either since they were/are the direct result of my mother’s work.
“Manager“ is in fact not a sufficient title to describe my mother’s involvement.
Self-promotion online, reaching out to professional industry people, not to forget self-educating about the ever-changing aspects of the music industry is a lot of work.
Building a brand, writing original music, acquiring technical skills; none of these things are easy, especially since different tasks require different mental wiring.
Few are genetically equipped to do it all, there is also a limit to the amount of hours available to a person in a 24hr day, not to forget individual needs in regards to sleep, etc;
There are so many aspects involved with being an artist that it can be dizzying. The clock tics, and you have to find out if you are placing your bets on the best project.
It doesn’t matter if you have lots of ideas for books if your brand is music and you are independent. There will not be enough hours to independently pursue both, because it will require reaching out to independent book-bloggers and people engaged in that field of work, rather than reaching out to music-industry people and brand a new release to an already existing fan base.
The network required to launch a fashion brand, several book series, art exhibitions, and music releases in several genres, would be nothing short of mad to build from scratch.
You would need many people involved with creating many different infrastructures.
Because of this, there are some pursuits that have to take the backseat, while the main focus is dedicated to one field, but even when narrowing things down, you’ll probably need help.
In the early years of my playing career I’ll admit that I was envious of those musicians who had supportive parents.
My dad told me that I would die of an overdose at the age of 27 and my mother was not exactly enthusiastic about heavy-metal or the idea of a woman playing the guitar.
Their reactions broke my heart back then and I seriously wondered if I would ever become a musician since parental support seemed a staple at the time when reading interviews with new up-and-coming rock-n-roll musicians.
The whole idea of rockers rebelling against their parents was a thing of the past.
Many Millennial rock-n-rollers got into the genre due to their parents being into it!
I felt like I was already beaten, but I still kept on going, and ended up being represented (and coached in opera) by my mother with my music turning into a family affair.
I wouldn’t be the musician that I am today if it hadn’t.


“Uncommon People – The Rise & Fall Of The Rockstars“ by David Hepworth.

This is the best music industry book that I’ve ever read! It was given to me as a gift last year and it was refreshing to finally read it after all of the heavy material that I’ve been working my way through this year.

The book is easy to read and impossible to put down as it delves into the strange quirks of modern-era “Gods.“

It describes how musicians all of a sudden turned into high-status people with their own entourage operating like royal courts…

Just like the warrior and the cowboy, the rock-star became a new masculine ideal, with the guitar resembling a rifle.

Much emphasis is put on the post-WW2 era.

What is noticeable is how enormously influential American culture was in England, and how very American the whole musical rockstar phenomena really was.

Much money could be made due to the physical format and by promoting performers who were attractive enough to cause mass hysteria in the opposite gender.

Rude and merciless behaviour is described by musicians firing band members due to facial features or conservative personalities, the author doesn’t mince his words in support of these actions. Stories such as these have always struck me as especially mean-spirited and has always left me wondering how it must feel like for such characters to read about themselves in such a way.

The most tragic chapter in my opinion was the one about Janis Joplin, a truly haunted individual who seemed hellbent on some personal vendetta through career achievements. When she finally did her victory round by visiting her home-town as a successful music artist, nobody really cared and all she accomplished was alienating her own family. Just weeks after this personal failure she died of an overdose.

When reading the stories of premature deaths and personal tragedies I couldn’t help but wonder how these lives would have played out if the artists had had a better support system and healthier values.

It must surely be better to be saved from going down disastrous paths than to die young and tragically due to unresolved personal issues, yet this has become so embedded in the whole “rockstar-soap-opera“ that people have come to expect it, and even worse: worship it!

The macabre nature of this was surely not lost on me when I watched the movie about Amy Winehouse and saw/remembered how she was consistently lauded as a heroic character by music industry people due to her “rock’n’roll-ness.“ Her record label knew about her eating disorder, everyone knew that she had serious problems, but nobody really did anything. Simultaneously she was portrayed as the coolest chick ever, due to said problems. A sick glorification indeed. I’m sure that the ghost of Amy Winehouse would have preferred that she got help if taking into account some of the last things that she said.

A great number of the stories contained in “Uncommon People,“ are tragic and depict musical artists as extremely petty, such as Eric Clapton offering Jimi Hendrix to play through a bass amp when joining him onstage, only for Hendrix to return the behaviour with playing something too technically intricate for Clapton.

The author also reveals how nepotism/corruption has played a significant role in the creation of the “God-status“ given to some of the representatives of the non-meritocratic show-biz system.

Still the artistic ego seems to be of such magnitude that few want to credit luck, business people, or image for their success, perfectly touched upon in the career-suicide of Prince who decided to mask and destroy his own identity much to the nuisance of record label bosses who dropped him as a result.

The author brilliantly concludes his tale with the emergence of technology comparing mp3s and the digital tech-revolution to the end of silent-movies.

The geeks are crowned as the new rockstars as musicians lose their status, a status that they held for a very short time in history.

This last chapter and the conclusion of the book is stellar since elites come and go.

“The establishment“ re-formats itself depending on the times, so if we were to experience an eco-catastrophe tomorrow out of the blue we would all turn to Bear Grylls types to rescue us since the majority of people are perfectly “domesticated,“ and have no idea about how to stay alive “in the wild.“

The high-status of geeks is only enabled due to our current technology, just like the high-status of musicians was due to the enormous amount of resources they could gather!

If our societies re-format again, which they will, we’ll see people shift their focus elsewhere.

I say: read this book! It awesome and a total page-turner!

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Last month I had yet another amazing TV-experience in my home country 🙂 This time I was performing some rock’n’roll, check out the awesome footage below 🙂 ↓

Here Are Some Pics From My Norway Trip ↓ ↓







Thanks a lot to Laney for the awesome amp!!! 



Behind The Scenes!



A girl’s dream ❤ All that make-up!



Men are very happy if they can wear make-up.


When You’ve Done Well 😉



How to throw away guitar strings 😉

Being a Tourist in my own Homeland… ↓



Appropriate Adult Activity….


And here are some pics from the month that was….goodbye October….enter…November


When the author that inspired your song, re-tweets you 😀 I couldn’t believe my eyes!


When someone gets what you are all about 😉


When you run into a hedgehog and want to kidnap it ❤ ❤


When you run into a couple of runaways and you try to herd them back….


When this guy digs your music…..


When you try to capture the moon….for the 100th time…


There is a season for everything….


A typical Cotswolds street….



When you love nature…






When you find this in your garden… wtf???


When you let your salad grow….


When you nurse your roses back to life ❤



When you know better…..and order anything that has not been cooked by the people at the hotel…..yes…sneaking around in the English capital once again…I hope I can reveal my secret soon!!!!!!


When your favourite tv-show mentions you in a comment!!!!


When you look like a f%$£@!* rockstar and have the time of your life \m/ 

Damn It’s June Already!

Yepp, here we are 6 months into the “new” year. Here are some snapshots of the month that was.

We have a neighbour that I was planning to dedicate a whole blog entry to. A neighbour that pretends to be über nice while going behind everyone’s back, trying to put up wedges between the various people who lives here. She literally behaves like she owns the whole property and in that spirit she just decided to use funds without permission to set up an ugly fence in a section of the garden. I suspected that it was set up to block my  “jogging path” but the official excuse, which she refused to reveal in writing, was that she was protecting the flower beds from the geese. No wonder then that I laughed whole heartedly when I say this ↓


Yup, the fence was a total failure, even though she and her husband refuses to admit it. I even had to rescue a couple of goslings when they got stuck on the wrong side of the fence. It was very interesting dealing with panicking goslings and a furious parent, that obviously thought that I was a threat, I almost got attacked by one of the Geese, one of them even came flying after me when I jogged past them on a separate occasion, they are still cute though…If you ever deal with geese, bear in mind that they are only territorial NOT randomly aggressive. If you run past them, get too close to their goslings or try to feed them by throwing things at them, they will see you as an aggressor. Keep a fair distance and it will all be fine.

It’s all about babies here on the country side now. I even saw a newborn lamb when I was out jogging, with a mother with lots of nasty bloody things hanging out of her as she was just done giving birth.


Have you ever seen anything more adorable? The majority of the lambs are terrified of humans, but these guys who live in a separate enclosure are as tame as you can get. Seriously. I would like one. They are aaaadooooraaaableeeee.


Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like this in real life. So cute. The “kids” are so shy 🙂


I found this while I was jogging. At first I put it somewhere “safe” away from the path, until I realised that it was the only survivor. There was a whole bunch of broken eggs and lots of feathers spread around. So I figured that this was a “lucky” egg and took it with me home to see if I could rescue the life within.


I made some new friends while walking to the post office. These guys are seriously awesome.


Badgers are HUGE, I’ve never seen one up close before, so you can imagine my face, when I found this corpse. I find road kill around here very often.


Life and death. You are exposed to both everyday when you live like we do.


It is crayfish. Finally I met someone who believed me. These guys live inside the lake. They must be huge :/ I can’t believe how anything can stay alive in there :/


Dragon swag. Check the pose.

Here are some pics from London 🙂 I had a blast playing a gig with Craig there 🙂

IMG_7922IMG_7915IMG_7912IMG_7898IMG_7897IMG_7895IMG_7891IMG_7886IMG_7882IMG_7881IMG_7851IMG_7839IMG_7838 (1)IMG_7768IMG_7767IMG_7766IMG_7798IMG_7790IMG_7856IMG_7842IMG_7806

It’s bizarre how you can live “in the middle of nowhere” in the UK but still be so close to big towns and cities.


Last month my mother and her fiancée drove to France to get some wine for their wedding. I had the responsibility to keep the house in check and decided to go into it full-on this time around. If teenage-me had seen me doing this stuff I would have been mortified. I was such a “modern feminist” when I was in high school I took  offense, to people assuming that ” I would be cooking with my mother” or that “babysitting my siblings so much would make for great experience”, I hated anything that was stereotypical house wify-ish or what I considered to be outdated gender views. Now though, I’ve often asked myself why a woman becomes worshipped as a role model, the second she goes into a male dominated field and is a badass. Is being a badass the only kind of female role-model that is acceptable? It is an interesting thing to note that when I made my “International Women’s Day” entry last year, my list over amazing women featured women of the military and women being engaged in masculine activities, that are still  dominated by men, even when women have a choice to pursue what they want. Lately I went to see an exhibition dedicated to a female scientist and was amazed at how small it was. It was the smallest exhibition I had ever seen and this made me wonder. Is she now considered an icon, because feminists desperately wants her to be one, or was her contribution to science worthy of an exhibit? Was it sexism that prevented her from contributing more or was it her own abilities?

Anyway, I figured out once and for all that if you want to keep a household of 6 in order and look after a kid that is home schooled, you literally have a full-time occupation .My brother was not allowed any screen time, I cooked every meal from scratch and kept the house clean and tidy. This took up all of my time for the 4-5 days I did it. You can always make short cuts, by putting kids in front of a screen, making cheap and unhealthy ready meals, living in a mess, etc. But if you want to look after kids and a household of 6 properly, it is truly a job. An ungrateful one too, because it isn’t valued in our part of the world.


I got a gift from France 🙂


You never know which area you’ll miss the most. ↑

Some jogging & travelling Pics ↓

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