Back Home. Writing.


Ever since I came back home I’ve been busy writing on my 3rd album, which is nearly done πŸ˜€ ha-ha! Lots of new stuff hitting the world in ’16 πŸ˜›

Hmm….My “Daily Walk” route isn’t much to talk about these days in comparison to my previous one. If you guys ever checked out my early entries this year I posted lots of beautiful pics from the English country side….this is my new “walk/run” location…


Things are getting INSANE at the post office….so glad I have started with sending out a “proof of postage” to all my buyers. That way they know it has been sent if they have to wait a little πŸ˜›


There is a pub next door πŸ˜›

The Dragons are hanging in there. The angry guy with the black beard, seem to think that the whole living room is his territory. So he goes berserk if any other Dragon enters *ehem* “his” room πŸ˜›


Selling T-Shirts! There are not that many left folks!



MY 1ST US GIG ( At the Grand Victory, Brooklyn)


How do you prepare for a gig? Well some musicians have a carefully planned routine in order to try to create a certain sense of control in an environment where control doesn’t really exist.

Some musicians might refuse to go onstage if they don’t get the equipment they want, some might have a team, sidekick or manager helping them out with whatever they need.

So what do you do if you get offered a last-minute gig and you have neither a band or any of the equipment you need.

Do you bail out and say sorryyyy, my manager isn’t here, my amp isn’t here, there is no effects loop in the shitty amp in the venue, the gig hasn’t been promoted, my guitar has to be set up, I don’t have cables, ahhh…I don’t have a backing band, hang on I don’t even have a cable so I can use my backing tracks, oh hang on…I don’t even have a metronome on the backing tracks, because guess what they are actually rehearsal tracks!

Well…what do you do?

You go ahead and do the gig πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

I mean why not? I have to admit that I almost cancelled when I understood how “epic” my guitar would sound like, but…hey…whatever! You get offered a gig, you go ahead and do it \m/

Thanks a lot to Anna, for everything, the gig, the help and her company \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/\m/

How was my gig day? Well here we go!

I started off the day in the best possible way, by jogging in Central Park \m/














Check out the awesome view from the apartment! You can check out Tom’s books here (Tom is the owner of the apartment, a family friend I’ve never met):




After my jog, it was food time, and try-out-acoustic-strings time!

I knew I had to set up my guitar, as I ran into some guitar issues over at EMG, so there was no way I could possibly do any kind of gig without it being set up!

Thankfully 30TH Guitar was able to help me out on a short notice! Thanks a lot guys \m/
If you are ever in New York and need any tech work done, go and see them! The contact info is below:










After delivering my guitar, it was lunch time! I finally got to meet Maura, an author and family friend! We discussed her latest book, which I believe people will love!


It’s a satire about American Pop-Culture! She previously wrote a children’s book that featured Lady Gaga on vocals, performing some children’s songs that went along with the book.

You can check out Maura’s books here, and keep an eye out for her new one, whenever it launches!















After lunch time, it was picking up guitar time, before heading over to Starbucks to steal some internet πŸ˜› I didn’t take a picture of that…I wonder why πŸ˜› Anyway, I figured I had to walk over to Sam Ash over at 34th street between 8th and 9th, on my quest to find a cable that I could connect into my iPad…I also had to get some batteries…



The people were very helpful & lovely! They even helped with directions on how to get to Grand Street…or…well..the wrong Grand Street as apparently they have 2 in New York! Which means that I left the Underground over in China town and got very confused when the right house number was a Chinese Store πŸ˜›

Lost on the New York Underground, I thought to myself..ahh…I’ll just jump back on…there is probably another Grand St. Only to find out that I was taking the Tube in the completely wrong direction ,so I got off and started walking around, looking for the G train..that apparently was just a couple of blocks away….for an eternity of blocks apparently, as everyone I asked, the further I walked said a couple of blocks.. πŸ˜› Eventually I just grabbed a cab, so thank God I had extra cash with me in case of emergency or anything un-expected πŸ˜›



I came to the venue half an hour before I was supposed to be on stage, and sorted out all my stuff in the cab on the way there. Apparently though…there was an imposter playing πŸ˜› A certain Commander & Chef…(who are those bastards I should sue them!)



It was a cool gig though! The people there loved it \m/ It was awesome, except from one solo that went a bit jazz, but besides from that it was cool! I had great company in Anna, who got a really cool band, you can check them out here:








I witnessed the most horrible mother on the train back home, absolutely terrible. If you abuse your child verbally and physically in public, God knows what goes on behind closed doors. One guy tried to intervene, but he only achieved to get abused too. I said some nice words to the teenager that was being abused as I left the train, but, hard to know what to do sometimes. I Wish I could have done more 😦

(I also wish the London Tube was open 24/7 btw.)


My first month Blogging! ( MY TOP 5 ENTRIES).


My first month blogging has now come to an end!

People from 58 different countries have visited this page and out of those my top 3 countries are:

1)USA 2)UK 3)NORWAY, which doesn’t come as a surpriser to me as these have always been my top 3 countries both with sales, social media traction, etc.

My top 3 referrers are:

1)Facebook 2)Twitter and 3) Search Engines

The top 3 links people clicked:

1) WordPress Media-(my pictures) 2) Guitar World link 3)Link to my store.

I’m glad I decided to do this and will do my best to keep it up! These are my top stories from this month:

1) “Getting Back Into The Zone!” I shared this entry on FB and saw to my great surprise that it went on to become my top entry this month! Me getting back into “virtuoso-shape” clicked with fans and the entry was shared & viewed by many.Β


2) “I’ve joined a torture club.”Β Totally “taking-the-piss” as they say in the UK. This became my most viewed entry this month! I think thats really funny actually!Β


3) “Happy Mother’s Day to my mother.” This personal entry surprised me with becoming my most shared entry! I don’t know if people did that because they loved it or hated it, it was at least honest from my part and the rest of the family loved it too.Β


4) “20 Badass Women!” To mark The International Womens Day I compiled this list! 8th of May is a day to celebrate, regardless of your political affiliation!Β


5) “The Hills are Alive with the sound of music.” My very first blog entry that I posted on FB along with the news that I was blogging! I was very surprised by the amount of interest and instantly had people signing up for my email list on here. In the entry I was totally stoked over my album being in top-10 chart and went out for a daring walk…in the wilderness of the British Countryside…The amount of views this article got was only surpassed by my “Torture-Club” entry.Β


My least popular entries suffered greatly from not really being shared anywhere, these are posts I made usually very late in the night and didn’t promote on FB.

1) “Illustrations For Children’s books“. Getting attention for original art is usually a slow burning process, this entry was my least successful this month.Β

AuthorsDreams 2013

2) “St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday?” – Writing about the origins of this used-to-be-religious- holiday gained NO traction. Guess if I had posted a top 10 most outrageous outfits it probably would have trended like crazy.Β


3) “#1!My album is #1!”Β Written by an overly tired, overly excited, sleep deprived me and published around 3AM or something, my exctatic post about my number one album received little buzz on my blog.Β

Number 1!

Number 1!

4) “I’ve become addicted to blogging!” Β nobody cared much about that.Β


5) “Dragon Age Inquisition!” It was well liked on youtube and got an overwhelming response on FB, but here on my blog besides a couple of gamers who stumbled upon this from search engines, it earned little buzz.Β


Conclusion: It is unpredictable what will trend and what won’t, but sharing entries on FB certainly helps, especially if you have a featured image that catches peoples attention. Also, the one beauty related entry I did about nail polish got many likes from other wordpress bloggers, girls blogging about beauty tips. Which proves that certain topics can trend even without Social Media help, it’s just hard to know what will and what won’t.

Petitions I’ve signed! It has never before been easier to voice your opinion and hopefully contribute to some positive change! I’ve always hated injustice. When I was in high school I was a member of the Amnesty International Club, but at the time I felt like it was too passive to just sit and sign letters. I really wanted to bring CHANGE with big huge letters, but it can be hard to know what to do. Outside of signing petitions, writing letters and putting pressure on elected officials, the only other options are angry protest or running for office. So signing petitions it is, at least for the moment . . .

Overturn Asia Bibi’s death sentence #saveAsiaBibi

Pardon all of the estimated 49,000 men who, like Alan Turing, were convicted of consenting same-sex relations under the British “gross indecency” law (only repealed in 2003), and also all the other men convicted under other UK anti-gay laws.

We Want Facebook To Remove Having To Pay To Reach Fans And FollowersΒ

Pass the new ordinance to allow street vendors to earn an honest living!


The only campaign that reached its goal, was the one about Clarkson, that says a lot about our celebrity driven culture!

I’ve joined a torture club.


Sooo, I’ve officially joined a running club and went there for my 3rd time yesterday. We did a 12K run and I was determined to do it, ha-ha! I felt really awesome when I was done even though my legs felt like jello! Didn’t feel that badass this morning though :/ I’m now laying in bed unable to move! Walking the stairs feels like torture and sitting down is even worse! I didn’t eat until someone was kind enough to bring me food in bed πŸ˜› No guitar playing on me today unless I can play laying down :/ If I ever recover πŸ˜› I cannot wait until next time! Hopefully my non-existing running endurance will pick up soon πŸ˜›

My love affair with the Post Office.


Some fun facts!

My album with classical guitarist Craig Ogden is now a #1 Bestseller Album on Amazon USA! If you want to check it out look here:Β

In a month I’ve had 100.000 views on my Youtube channel πŸ™‚


Soooo, whats new from the exhilarating life over in England? Well, the post office officially loves me, in fact I suspect I might be getting flowers from them next. I had an epic trip to the post office yesterday and sent out an insane amount of merch; physical CDs, posters, calendars, my children’s book, etc.. I’m now out of physical CDs when it comes to my album, so anyone interested will have to buy from Amazon πŸ™‚ Check it out:
It feels great to have all of it marked as shipped, so I’m very happy about that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

This is some of it, towards the ending. It’s all coming guys!


So what am I doing now? Well I’m officially torturing myself ( read: practising ) or I was, I’m having a little break and I’m contemplating an exceptionally important matter…should I walk down to the gas station to get some chips or should I wait? Decisions, decisions…hmm…

hmmm….still undecided….

hmm……. πŸ˜›



Yes, everyone has to do laundry.


Look at that! It’s snowing in the UK! Or thats what I thought the other day, until I looked around the house and realised…nooo…
the sewage was full apparently! Yes! So much for snow!




Someone is becoming more and more comfortable, it now seems like we have someone who is volunteering to move in with us.
I’m starting to wonder if this cat has a home or not :/


And this is what you see when you run around in the British countryside!








Playing with my little brother Eric! Pirates are always awesome, not quite sure what happened to Padme :/



I’ve made something special for all my haters! CHECK THIS:

Getting Back Into The Zone


Cool facts before I start my entry: My album has been charting in USA again, earlier this week πŸ˜€

The worlds biggest guitar magazine “Guitar World” featured my Dragon Age video yesterday Β πŸ˜€ See the article here: ΒΒ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So… April is approaching with all its grandeur. It will be a busy month for me and I’m currently getting back “into the zone” as they say. It has been some time now since I was in that “hyper-concentrated” mindset you have to be in when you play ridiculously challenging material on your instrument and the last days have served as a reminder to how exhausting it actually is.

It drains you both mentally and physically to play virtuoso material and there is no way you will ever be able to get the concentration you need unless you can become a 100% at one with your instrument. It requires such fine motor-skills and hyper concentration that the rest of the world cannot exist in your mind. It has to become oblivious.

It is so physically and mentally demanding to be there a 100% as a musician you cannot really do much else. It depends of course what you are playing and what your goal is, but if you want to play the crazy stuff I’m doing it is pretty much like being an athlete! Your focus has to be there, your whole life has to accommodate your profession.

After my run yesterday I went back to meditating and instantly noticed a major difference in my emotional balance. I started out feeling like the whole weight of the world was upon me and ended up feeling fine tuned and in balance with my surroundings, whether you pray or meditate, don’t stop doing it. It’s worth its weight in gold.

Super excited that my music is selling :):)

It was on number 8 in the beginning of the month, then it went down now its up again ;):):)




Running today!

Running today!

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

This is my guy \m/

This is my guy \m/



I want a bunny for my Birthday :):):) awwww!

I want a bunny for my Birthday :):):) awwww!

I’ve become addicted to blogging!


I think it’s a good thing I started writing this blog, it serves as a reminder that there are other things to talk about than just music all the time.

I will try to maintain some mystery though, as this has been a trademark for what I’m doing for so long. Nobody really knows what I’m up to when I’m not working and I’m thinking maybe it’s better that way πŸ˜‰

In this age where everybody knows everything about everybody, it might be cool with a counterweight.

Those were my thoughts when I started promoting my music, but people change, and I think artist can have a tendency for dramatic image/communication & style changes that can baffle their fans.

I have therefore edited this entry and intend to only show you guys some peeks into my life with these pictures from last week, up to you to draw conclusions.

Helping my brother with school.

Helping my brother with school.


Super yummy :P


post office6

I don't know if I would be happy about an Easter head :/ :/ a bit strange don't you think?

I don’t know if I would be happy about an Easter head :/ :/ a bit strange don’t you think?




Tomato allergy sucks :( I got some serious tomato cravings :(

Tomato allergy sucks 😦 I got some serious tomato cravings 😦

Mom's stalker tried to come into the house, he now comes everyday.

Mom’s stalker tried to come into the house, he now comes everyday.