Lent for the 1st time.

Sometime after lent had commenced I decided that maybe I ought to try it, not that I was aware of when it started exactly, as the local church is somewhat neglected by the church authorities and don’t even have a service every Sunday; but that’s ok, the most important thing is that the church hasn’t been closed and is still standing strong, open at all times, after all these years. (It’s Norman and an absolute beauty).

Lent was interesting as it functions like a habit-breaker, I was not entirely successful but at least I gave it a go and tried my best. The biblical reason for this strange “celebration” is that Jesus was wandering around in the desert for a while and withstood temptation from the Devil 😮

I personally have not reached this section of the Bible as I’m still working my way through the Old Testament; I’ve largely been a protestant-in-name-only, (or secular protestant) my entire life, gradually turning to Christianity over the last few years. So lent was pretty new to me (just like attending Holy Communion), but a valuable lesson nonetheless.

The Church of England is struggling greatly; they don’t have enough funds to look after England’s numerous and beautiful places of worship, and most people who I’ve run into complain about dwindling numbers when it comes to attendance.

It is rather sad since England is an Anglican country and so far I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed whatever services I’ve come to; I also heard complaints about general low attendance over in Norway last time I was there. There also seem to be many women who take it upon themselves to keep the faith alive by becoming priests.

The Old Testament is proving a very interesting read as it illustrates how various tribes interact with one another; how everyone travels to Israel to shower the Jews with gifts and praise when they are strong and under tough leadership, while everyone tries to take advantage, looting and conquering the Jews once they are seen as weak! The work is repetitive, as I’ve also written in the very looooong review that I’m writing about it; it is hard to read due to the fact that it was not written to be a page turner. Names of entire Jewish families are listed over and over and over again, which certainly makes for tiresome reading. I therefore decided to check out “The Lion Encyclopaedia of Jesus.,” just to get a more “in-depth” introduction to Jesus; in comparison to what little I already knew.

If you feel like helping persecuted Christians then please read this: “Persecuted Christians around the World.” If you live in England then maybe this will be of interest: “The Vulnerability of the Poor & Our Shared Cultural Heritage.” Here are some interesting petitions to check out: Petitions To Sign & Share.

Here are more books on spirituality & self-help:

“An Angel Saved Me” by Theresa Cheung.

\m/ Spiritus Gladius \m/

The Map of Heaven – by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins.

Spooky Cults, Online Shaming and Alcoholism.

“Don’ts for Weddings” from 1904.


Is Christianity & Islam Compatible?

Patron Saints of Europe.

Intellectual vs. Popular vs. Physical Satanism.

St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday??????????

A History Magazine from Norway.

Ancient Greek Myths – The Universe, The Gods, And Mortals told by Jean-Pierre Vernant.

The Odyssey – for children.

Boosting Energy So You Can Play More!

The Occult Symbolism of Led Zeppelin

How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Willing To Win.

Taking Back Your Time. (goodbye April, hello May)

Bli Best Med Mental Trening by Erik Bertrand Larssen.

The Chimp Paradox.

Live Better & Longer by Michel Cymes.

L’ Art De La Simplicité By Dominique Loreau.

The Clever Guts Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley.

L’ Art De La Simplicité By Dominique Loreau.

As I read through the English translation of this work I often found myself wondering if I was reading a collection of social media “wisdom” posts bundled into one giant literary fortune cookie.

I don’t mean to be rude in any kind of way, but I certainly understand why serious scientists become nauseated by the “self-help-industry.”

This book is at times self-contradictory, and without any kind of bibliography, which means that you just have to believe what the author is presenting you with.

It’s interesting how these type of works are perceived and marketed as “revolutionary” and eye-opening. When the value of a bible has been dethroned we crown new-age philosophers as our saviours. Pretty funny in a way. Just makes me think of all of these wonderful “International Holidays” we have. They seem to multiply by the hour. Today it’s International Theatre Day & Muslim Womens Day in case you weren’t aware of it. Who needs Saints when the UN can create an abundance of unifying global celebrations.

L’Art De La simplicité does offer some good advice. The main issue here is if you are a critical reader and you notice discrepancies and pseudo-science.

Throughout the book Loreau repeats how poverty is deprivation of what enriches the soul, whereas materialistic richness is true destitution. It’s better to not have anything in your house that could attract a burglar as this would only add stress to your life.

According to Loreau ” An open, alert mind is more important than the quality of our comprehension.”

She also argues that ” A person who depends on others to get what he or she wants is a beggar.”

” Tell yourself you are not a creative person, and you will never become one.” She also says, which is a false claim. Creativity is a state of being, regardless of circumstances, self-doubt or age. Imagination and the ability to express it manifests itself at an early age.

“‘Successful’ people … never doubt their own ability to obtain the things they aspire to.” This is probably why performance psychology is so popular in sports among top athletes……..as everyone knows CEOs are always confident, same thing with artists.

“Impoverished when we allow ourselves to be caught up in the relentless machinery of competitiveness.” Much if not all advancement has been the result of competition, even people picking up books like these might do it to beat their peers. Life is about competition. Getting the resources, getting the best spouse, getting the dream job, etc; Nature=Competition, competition for survival.

” It also means not making them feel jealous, bitter, or envious.” The work speaks about how we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, so how can it then be my fault if someone “chooses” to be envious of me?

“In an ideal society, where no one seeks to accumulate wealth and riches, there are no thieves.” Such a society does not exist in the real world. Even if a society was impoverished you would see people getting killed over poultry and herbs. This sentence contradicts the very basis of human nature. It is not our inclination to share or be grateful, these attributes have to be taught to self-centred children. We have to be socially conditioned to share.

” No one can hurt us unless we allow them to. Hurt only occurs when we interpret the facts of what has occurred in our own minds.” Not true. Constantly obsessing over negative experiences will not make you happy and can easily lead to a depression. But if someone says or do something hurtful there will be an instant reaction, you’ll instantly be hurt there and then, especially if there is an association to similar situations in the past.

On page 149 it says: ” The real you is there inside, not in the image you offer to the world through your personality. Close your eyes, relax, take your time, then visualise your ideal image, life-sized. Make it exactly as you wish … This is your real you. The body you have today will gradually mould to the shape of the image you have visualised.”

On page 151: “Work on your affirmations” followed by a long list of mantras.

But on page 194 it says: ” We play the roles of people we would like to become, but these are false by definition. Don’t just recite empty life maxims and affirmations.” I’m all for the re-invention of the self but what I’ve pasted in above is self-contradictory. We project a “publishable” friendly public image of ourselves when we are up and about. This is not the entire truth but it is still you, even though it is just a part of you. Just because you want to enhance certain aspects of yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll abandon the memory or traces of how you used to be. Also, if you have an internal picture of who you really are or who you wanna be, then it can be argued that you are trying to “play a role.” Human beings usually have role-models that they try to emulate or rules that they try to live by, such as the suggestions presented in this book.

There are also some very glaring typos in this work. I’m just pointing it out since this is a book that has been published and according to the front cover is an international bestseller.

As I said above there are some good things in there, the curse is upon those who always question, refraining from blindly accepting claims from others….

Bli Best Med Mental Trening by Erik Bertrand Larssen.

Erik Bertrand Larssen is a former member of the Norwegian special forces.

Due to an unfortunate accident, he found himself unable to continue in the military and decided to study economics.

Eventually he became a mental coach and motivational speaker, coaching Norway’s elite athletes, performers and CEO’s.


He places great emphasis on “visualisation” which is exactly what Willi Railo does.

He asks the reader the right questions and he spends a great deal of time talking about values.

If your values crashes with your goals, you have a problem.

He asks the reader to write down their values to see if they add up and match whatever goals the reader might have.

He focuses on clever choices in your everyday life, to change your daily habits so that you will eventually reach your goal.

He puts great emphasis on “perspective thinking”, something that some do automatically, myself included.

Ask yourself what sort of life you want to look back upon when you are older.

It is also interesting that he says that most people forget about their “new years resolutions” relatively quickly. This supports an article I read this morning, where it is said that the majority of people let go of whatever changes they had in mind before January is even over…Cool article

Changing your habits is actually quite hard, at least for most people, but the good news is that if you do something every day for 13 days, it becomes a habit.

Which means that it is relatively easy to actually create new habits.

You just have to put your mind to it and stand by your choice for a couple of weeks.

Just like Railo, Larsen writes about the “inner dialogue”. This is actually crucial, as we all have thoughts swirling around our mind, narrating what we are doing, forming our feelings towards ourselves in various situations.

“Speaking/Thinking” about yourself in a positive way, especially as you train, is extremely important.

I think this book is a great read, full of valuable advice, advice that has worked for other people.

I do advice people to read several books about mental strength and training simultaneously. It is a really good idea, as you can spot the common things that are being mentioned, compare different outlooks and just dive into a plethora of advice.

As with both Willi Railo and Dale Carnegie, Bertrand’s book has to be read with a pencil to outline important sentences and thoughts, so that they will pop out to you when you look thru the book at a later stage.

Use the book to turn your life in the right direction, keep it handy.

All the 3 books I read last month about mental training are books I would highly recommend.

Willi Railo’s book contains actual guides on how to achieve the type of deep meditation that is desirable in order to re-program unpleasant memories, etc.

A good place to start if you want to delve into mental training is a meditation app.

There are plenty available out there, so just do your research and try out different ones to find the one/ones you like the best.

I personally prefer unguided timed meditations, as I reach deep relaxation more efficiently and can create my own scenarios.

Eventually this is what you want to do. Guided meditations are good for beginners and it also gives you something to think about, as the “guides” pick topics that will make you think and certainly learn a new thing or two.

Please acquire all 3 works I mentioned if you are serious about mental training 😉

And remember….you don’t read these books once…..you have to apply the information to your own life.

Willi Railo – Willing To Win

Dale Carnegie – How To Stop Worrying and Start Living

Boosting Energy.

Good Advice for the New Year, part.1

Good Advice For The New Year


How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

A great book written by Dale Carnegie, this book was given to be by my mother a couple of years ago.

Dale Carnegie was a world-famous writer, lecturer and developer of self-improvement courses.

You can read about him over here: Dale Carnegie Bio

Or sign up for courses over at the: Dale Carnegie Training HQ

Why I only read thru this book once beats me as the advice given is nothing but stellar and they need to be applied.

It even says that this book is more like a “handbook”-something that you should read thru now and then to remember crucial advice given. If you want to change certain things about yourself you should certainly let the tips sink in.

It is a must have for anyone who automatically worries about anything and everything.

This book is a guide.

A “how to” on how to defeat your “worrying”.

You should read it with a pencil handy, to outline any advice that you can use for your own benefit.

This book is useful, in fact very useful for anyone who wants to change certain negative attitudes or bad habits that they might have.

I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who nurture their worries.

It is an unhealthy habit, that will eventually make you physically ill.

There are many ailments that are caused by worrying and/or “thinking wrong”.

You need to be solution oriented, look at facts, come to a conclusion and make a decision.

Read Dale Carnegie’s book for tons of valuable advice and remember to treat it like a handbook.




Things To Read!

Yeah, that’s right.

I’m having so much fun these days packing, preparing my move, that I can hardly contain myself. Come on now, nothing beats moving, everybody knows that.

As the professional packer that I am, I’ve been reading and looking thru the various things that I’ve been finding….and have started re-reading some books even.

After packing away whatever music equipment I had, I ended up reading on my computer… here are today’s awesome online articles:

I’m absolutely terrified of this: The Intentional Murder Of Your iPhone.

I don’t understand the need to make us dumber, but here you go, French is not French anymore: Destroying French.

HA-HA-HA! Who said hell was warm? Welcome.

If you wanna see something freaky: BOOOOOOO!

This explains my love of reading I guess: Love your books.

I had no idea…this explains why we love to sing: Sing To Be Happy.

We are happy when we learn new things: Keep on Learning.

Think about one thing that makes you happy everyday: Think Yourself Happy.

5 ways to become happy without therapy: How To Be Calm and Happy.

How to become a genius: How To…

Am I the only person who feels that liberal newspapers don’t do anything else but talk about how the world sucks?  Any issue can be turned into a negative one, just follow enough liberal papers online and you’ll see what I mean. If you feel like reading something depressing about how the world becomes increasingly horrible READ HERE.