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I would highly recommend reading these two articles: “Eugenics: The Skeleton That Rattles Loudest In The Left’s Closet” “Neighbours From hell”:Who is the Prime Minister talking about?

How Sexism Is Defined In The Western World.

In 2019 I plan on dedicating more blog-time to book reviews and distance myself even more from the negative “news-picture.“ I feel like I’ve said more than enough on this blog about current issues and problems and ultimately it isn’t really up to me to sort them all out. After venturing down the rabbit holeContinue reading “How Sexism Is Defined In The Western World.”


Read this entry & other old blog posts by purchasing my 1st blog book (as an eBook) right here: It also available in iBooks. A signed limited number of physical copies are available. Please contact me via my website if interested 🙂 This book is expensive to print and send. You can get the eBookContinue reading “Empathy…….”