My song “Stay With Me” is doing well in a voter-based song competition!

It made me very happy to see that my original song “Stay With Me” is doing well in yet another voter-based song competition!

I previously submitted my song to “Fresh On The Net” where strangers listen to and vote for their favourite tune among an ocean of independent songs.

You will be disqualified if you alert your fans and followers to the fact that your song has been shortlisted.

So if you see that your song gets through the initial round you have to stand by quietly and wait to see if you get featured with a proper article on the site.

I take it as a very good sign that I’ve been able to stand out time and time again in such a setting!

Several of my releases have been shortlisted on Fresh On The Net, I even received airplay for my original song “Let It Go” on BBC6 some years ago, which can happen if you submit your song!

Now I’m receiving favourable feedback once again from total strangers to my music!

I did not submit my music to this Instagram site, but I was very happy that they decided to just throw me into the mix!

I appreciate all support and exposure!

It is especially awesome to see that my original songwriting pops-out to strangers!

I have of course told my Instagram followers about “instaoriginalmusiccompetition” so now the percentage looks even better!

Years ago I was featured in a voter-based guitar competition. When I found out about it I posted about it everywhere but once the voting was over the site decided to withhold the results! I figured that they probably didn’t like who won! Maybe it was me? 😮




NEW video out NOW!

Yesterday I did a Super Chat live stream on my YouTube! This is how that looks like:

super chat youtube

Thanks a lot to those of you who joined us! Elisabeth was also there to thank my followers. We are very grateful for all support!

This was a live stream done to mark that we’ve passed 25k subscribers on our channel!

I’ve also made an exclusive email for the event that you can get hold of if you sign up to my email list on my website: 

The email will only be available for a week, Patreons will get custom made ones with their individual names on it!

I’ll be going live on Patreon on the 31st this month to do an update. Every month I do two update videos available to all of my Patreons, this year I’ve turned them into live streams which means that people can ask me questions and interact with me as I go through the various things that I’ve been up to! You can join me Patreon for only 1$ and cancel your subscription at any time.