In-Depth Interviews – Get to know what I’m all about! <3

If you want to know how I was doing during the lockdown, then make sure that you read my latest interview. Thanks a million to “Metal Planet Music” for sharing my story & my videos! ❀ In this big interview with “All That Shreds Magazine,” I go into great detail when I write about: myContinue reading “In-Depth Interviews – Get to know what I’m all about! <3”


Check out “Non Si Sa Mai” the 1st music video and single from “Berit,Vol.2” If you want to get your name in the CD Booklet of “Berit,Vol.2” then make sure that you place your order before April the 14th. The GIGA care package is proving very popular, so make sure that you get your handsContinue reading “NEW MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!”


Pre-order your copy of “Berit,Vol.2” now! Get your name in the CD BOOKLET if you place your order before April the 14th! We offer more payment options than ever before!πŸ˜‡ These are the products that we are currently promoting: 1- Get a signed, personalised copy of “Berit,Vol.2” with your name in the CD BookletπŸ’ƒ 2-Continue reading “PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF “BERIT,VOL.2” NOW!”


It is now possible to pre-order “Berit,Vol.2” via my Patreon page!😘Go here and check out the top post: Get a PASSWORD to my pre-order store & gain access before anyone else! SOME OF THE ITEMS COME IN LIMITED NUMBER. On Tuesday the page with the pre-order store will go public. Sign up to my emailContinue reading “NEW ALBUM! NEW MUSIC!”

Get your NAME in the Lyric Booklet of my CD!

Get your name in the LYRIC BOOKLET of the upcoming DELUXE version of “Berit,Vol.1” πŸ™‚ This is the 3rd edition of the album & it will include the following tweaks: an 8 page lyric booklet (with your name included if you are quick), new photos & the autograph of both Elisabeth & myself. There isContinue reading “Get your NAME in the Lyric Booklet of my CD!”


New LIVE Stream Video Out Now!

Yesterday I was LIVE on YouTube with my manager, vocal coach, video producer, mentor & mother: Elisabeth! We had great fun streaming on: YouTube, Facebook & Instagram! If you didn’t catch us yesterday then you can watch the replay! Keep an eye on my social media for any upcoming streams! We will be releasing aContinue reading “New LIVE Stream Video Out Now!”

On Friday we are going LIVE! Come join us!

On January the 10th at 20:00, GMT, we’ll be going live to share some exciting news with you all! Make sure that you join us! ❀


My first interview of 2020 is out now! Grab your copy of “The Metal Mag” right here to read it! “Berit,Vol.2” is coming soon! πŸ™‚

Hear & See Me LIVE on the 20th & 27th THIS MONTH!

Wherever you are in the world you can join me on the 20th & 27th at 20:00, GMT, to hear & see me play some tunes LIVE! I will also take your questions! It only costs 3$ right here: LIVE STREAMING *you can cancel your subscription at any time*