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charting on 56 May 2018

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Thank you so much to those of you who’ve checked out my latest YouTube video! It’s so cool to receive so many uplifting and awesome comments on my playing! I’m so grateful to finally be playing again ๐Ÿ˜€ Please check this video out and share it with your friends! Thanks again ๐Ÿ˜€



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The Presidency.


Be careful who you glorify as saints and who you condemn as villains … In this blog entry I offer my predictions regarding Donald Trump’s future, a short tribute to Obama’s historic presidency and a sad political “eulogy” to Hillary Clinton.ย Enjoy!

The American election of 2016 came to a close yesterday offering a mega-shock to those who mainly rely on “the old media” as their source of information. Hillary Clinton, the ultimate modern-female-role-model; who has on so many occasions come across as a gracious, inspiring, role model for women; suffered a gradual “myth-destruction” drawn out over several years, as the public gained insight into the Clinton Foundation and her shortcomings as a powerful political figure.

After being a popular first-lady and a successful Senator she took the USA with storm back in 2008, as she campaigned to become the ย Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party. I volunteered for her back then as I lived in the USA, I even had the great honour of meeting her at an event in Chicago. I was utterlyย star-struck and amazed.ย I felt inspired just like so many others and felt that nobody else at the time could challenge her extensive experience. But Hillary Clinton was not in a good place during that particular election, as the upper echelons of society, along with young voters, had decided to elect Obama. Hillary Clinton did not receive as much airtime as Obama, she was under much more scrutiny than Obama, she didn’t have Obama’s “cool appeal,” and she didn’t resonate with the student body in the same way. Obama came across as more radical, more liberal, he was the face of hope and change. He was the future.

Hillary Clinton rightfully challenged Obama, questioning his lack of experience at the time. She was fierce and “in-it-to-win-it.” Yet she did not and this created a certain sense of resentment as the press had undeniably been biased throughout the entire campaign in favour of Barack. Still nothing could beat the disappointment when Hillary Clinton decided not only to endorse Barack Obama but to accept an offer to work under him, a man who she had so relentlessly branded as inexperienced. At that point there were many, myself included, who felt that she was a “sellout.” Working as Barack Obama’s secretary of State didn’t do anything to improve her image. It was a disastrous decision. This was perfectly captured during the infamous Benghazi hearing, when she uttered the now infamous words: “what difference at this point does it make?”

Still there were many who kept on adoring her, something that must have been an increasingly difficult task as Wikileaks unleashed their email flood upon the world. In addition the FBI investigated a criminal action, the type of criminal offence that have sent other “normal” Americans behind bars. But not Mrs.Clinton, she was able to walk free, proving that the governing elite are exempt from the law and justice that all other Americans are subjected to. The documentary “Clinton Cash” concerning Clinton’s extensive corruption did not help matters either and was especially shocking when it came to its portrayal of Clinton’s involvement in Haiti. Ultimately many will claim that Weiner provided the last nail in the coffin when his carelessness ย resulted in FBI re-opening their investigation regarding Clinton’s emails. Sadly, the Clinton’s did not live up to the image that everyone wanted to believe, myself included. There are still those who love the Clinton’s, despite numerous un-flattering revelations such as their daughter using charity money to finance her very own wedding. The Clinton Foundation is still under FBI investigation.

The reason as to why I feel slightly saddened about Hillary Clinton, is the fact that I would have wanted her to be the role-model that I once thought that she was. Today she closed her bid for the presidency with a wonderful and inspiring speech, worthy of a President and leader; the only draw back being that Wikileaks has seriously damaged Clinton’s credibility when it comes toย what she saysย officially. Nothing of what she says can be believed or trusted at this point.

As A-list celebritiesย and grassroots supporters cry their hearts out on social media in absolute disbelief over Trump’s victory, I think it will be quite easy to predict what Trump will be up-against. As inspiring as Super Trump‘s exceptional victory isย I envision that heย will be treated like the “new George W. Bush” in terms of how the pressย will handle him.

  1. Any gaffe will be blown out of proportion and serve to solidify the profile of a “silly, unintelligent, buffoon.” This will be done to undermine his credibility and create sensationalized stories.
  2. As he embarks on his wall-building venture, he will be depicted as a racist. Rather than addressing what a serious problem gang-related violence is in America, the focus will be on Trump’s “excluding nature.” No mention of the potential pitfalls of ย “not being able to handle” illegal, undocumented immigration.
  3. When he lifts the restriction on the production of shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal within the US. He will be portrayed as the environment’s Nr.1 Nemesis. No emphasis will be put on his job creation or the power of American energy independence.
  4. If he manages to make the Keystone Pipeline project move forward, he will be challenged by those who champion the rights of Native Americans and/or the environment. Trump will be labeled a racist and a serious “environmental threat”. No mention will be made of how important it is for America and the west in general to “break-free” from Saudi-Arabian interests nor the idea of reaching a compromise with Native American tribes.
  5. If Trump cancels billions in payments to the U.N. intended for “climate change programs,” it will be seen as a racist, ignorant, dangerous, measure. His reasons for doing so, which is to improve America’s own environmental needs, will be ignored.
  6. If he is to cancel every unconstitutional executive order from Obama, he will be seen as super-racist, undermining the legacy of America’s first President of a minority background. Social Justice Warriors will perceive this as being “white-privilege-incarnate.”
  7. By cancelling all funding to sanctuary cities he will be portrayed as heartless. An article on the matter will preferably feature pictures of little children. This will create a massive backlash and comparisons to Hitler will be rife.
  8. Deporting criminal illegal immigrants will only increase the Hitler comparisons. Journalists will be on the look-out for emotional pictures, depicting desperation and “authoritarian violence” as criminals are deported. Preferably violently deported as this will create a global backlash. At this point Trump will be globally depicted as a dictator. Many editorials and blog posts will be written about “America’s Descent Into The 4th Reich.”
  9. By suspending immigration from terror-prone regions, the image of Kaiser Trump will intensify. At this point there will be editorials and blog posts calling for an “intervention.”
  10. As Trump lower the taxes on corporations, the accusations of him waging a war on the poor will be flying left right and centre. There will be no mention of him granting the greatest tax-reliefs to middle class families. Anti-Austerity protests will unfold and gain global media attention. America will at this point appear to be in severe crisis.
  11. Trump’s mission to force back manufacturing to the USA will be seen as an environmental disaster due to pollutants from factories. Workers conditions and/or salaries will come under scrutiny even if there is no reason for doing so.
  12. An expose will be written about private investments into American infrastructure.
  13. Ending common core will be portrayed as the establishment of Trump-Jugend.
  14. By repealing Obama-care it will be solidified once and for all, that Trump is waging a war against the poorest of the poor. No mention will be made of the shortcomings or failings of Obama-care, nor will Trumps suggestions regarding health care receive any exposure unless it is negative.
  15. The Proposed Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act, will be critiqued for “not-doing-enough” or will simply be ignored.
  16. As more police officers will be employed to “clean up” criminal neighbourhoods and dangerous communities, ย he’ll be accused of constructing a “police state.” This can cause sensational headlines as great numbers of minorities in destitute areas are affiliated with gangs. Radical activists can therefore greatly expand on racial-tensions, intensified during Obama’s presidency, to create instability within the USA.
  17. Trump’s plan to put greater emphasis on National Security and stricter screening procedures regarding immigration, will only solidify the image of Trump’s 1984 Dystopia.
  18. Trump has promised to clean up corruption in Washington. This will be portrayed as a political-coup. Where Trump will be accused of persecuting the opposition.
  19. Finally, Trumpย previously stated that he would prosecute Hillary Clinton, due to her criminal actions. This will not be seen as justified, but rather be perceived as him imprisoning his political enemies. At this point there will be a global demand for Trump’s head if he hasn’t been killed already.

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump’s presidency will be a successful one. I do not believe that the American people will be able to handle anymore broken promises from Washington. Unless Donald Trump is able to truly “Make America Great Again” I fear what the future might holdย for the USA. I love America, I’ve lived there on three separate occasions, I’ve got American family and want to see the nation thrive.

I found Barack Obama’s speech concerning Trump’s victory and America’s future very good. The current President showcased once again his ability to inspire and ย handled the defeat of the democratic party in an elegant and presidential way. I’ve never been a massive fan of Obama’s politics but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see his symbolic value. I remember the grim, pessimistic attitudes that I encountered among Afro-Americans when I first moved to Chicago: “This country will never elect an Afro-American President” I heard over and over again. But lo-and-behold, that’s precisely what happened in 2008 demonstrating that America truly does offer “opportunity to all” and that “dreams do come true”. I had a tear in my eye as I saw the Obama’s announce their victory and as a sister of an American of Afro-American heritage, Obama’s victory makes me deeply emotional to this day. Seldom has anyone been elected with more wide-spread, global goodwill than the current President. He had the opportunity of being “the great uniter” but proved to actually accomplish the total opposite, sadly.


Barack Obama became the president that made LGBT completely mainstream, pop and accepted in the USA and I believe that this was a great and major accomplishment. He put great emphasis on environmental issues and tried his best to provide health-care to all Americans regardless of income level. He was a polarizing figure who many will probably judge for “not having done enough” for the Afro-American community besides fueling racial tensions, capitalising on Afro-American hatred towards whites. Many of those who voted for Obama in 2008 elected a man who came from a culture they did not understand, living in a neighbourhood most white people would never dare to set their foot in. Still, one cannot forget the brief moment when Obama was the very symbol of hope.

I certainly have something to thank the 44th President for, as he directly inspired me in regards to my artist name ๐Ÿ˜‰ I lived in Hyde Park, in the former Senator’s neighbourhood, in Regents Park: the apartment complex that he used to use as his safe house. My immediate family shared many an elevator ride with the current President, but I did not believe any of these tales. Friends that came to visit, shyly asked: “was it him we saw on our way through the building?” but I found the idea of Obama walking around the building ludicrous and dismissed it as: “oh, yeah that’s the senators double”. It was not until I literally ran into him, in the back entrance of Regents Park, surrounded by his ever-expanding entourage of secret service agents, that my mouth fell open. My mother couldn’t help herself and stopped him to say: ” I just have to say it – Mr. President” his reply was: “Not yet” looking very serious and thoughtful. Considering that his presidency at this point is nearing its end, I guess I see no harm in sharing my story. But at the time I was always choosy and careful when it came to sharing the story of ” how I got my artist name”, due to Obama’s polarizing effect. Now people are too consumed with their hate or love for Trump anyway. Obama will soon be part of the past. I cross my fingers that America will enter into a new era of prosperity for ALL Americans. I hope that America will rise and become the “the land of freedom and opportunity” once again. Much love and God Bless โค โค โค โค




NEW song & video to be released TODAY!


Just a quick note to the people who have subscribed to my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ A new music video will be released today onย My YouTube ๐Ÿ˜‰

The song was first written back in 2007, inspired by John Dickie’s book about Cosa Nostra.

I made a new arrangement and re-recorded the song last year to include it as a bonus track ย on myย second albumย which was released in April this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope that you guys will enjoy it and help me share it!!! \m/ โค \m/ โค \m/

The Music Biz.


“Believe it or not, there is no hot superstar guitarist under the age of 30. There is no next Hendrix. There is no next Clapton.” All I thought when I read this was: “I’m here!!!!! I’M HERE!!!”ย ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

Here is the article:

Goodbye August, Hello September!


After months of secrecy I just wrapped up a mystery project that I’ve been totally consumed by these last months! Fingers crossed that it won’t remain eternally secret as I’ve really enjoyed it. By far the coolest thing I’ve done I think, at least in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will now enjoy some well-deserved days off ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some behind the scenes pic, from the month that was!

Walking around in the countryside trying to think of something else than music ๐Ÿ˜›ย โ†‘

I spotted the pope at my first village showย โ™ฅโ™ฅ hi-hi-hiย โ™ฅโ™ฅ


I’d never attended anything like this. ย I actually won some things, wo-ho!

I did not sign up my own veggies…hmm…I wonder why ๐Ÿ˜›

I think the most suitable name for this picture would be….โ†“

A Musician’s Harvest.


*round of applause*


Delicious apples that are red on the inside as well โค


Enjoying a little bit of summer โ†“





Out of my cage ๐Ÿ˜› โ†“


Dropped by Londonย โ†“



Had to take a picture of these two cute housesย โ™ฅโ™ฅ


Ditching wheat. You don’t notice how much it dominates our diets until you cut it out.

When this happens to youย โ†“


When you come across a cool picture of your dadย โ†“


When you enjoy a good meal that lasts for everย โ†“

When you go looking at Barbie dollsย โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ & get annoyed when you see all the “poser” dolls pretending to be Barbie.


When you see some serious swagย โ†“


When you realise that your pet is gone forever.