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“Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, 57, told an interviewer from Milanโ€™s Il Giornale last week that โ€œthe phenomenon of so-called โ€œimmigrationโ€ represents an orchestrated and long-prepared plan by international powers to radically change the Christian and national identities of the European peoples.โ€ (READ THE ARTICLEย HERE)

This is the conclusion I’ve reached as well by simply looking at the placement of certain population groups within all of Europe’s Nations. It is obvious that it is a long term de-stabilisation plan by people who hate us to no end.ย 

I will let other people compile potential enemy lists over who could possibly be guilty… It’s not like people aren’t compiling these kind of lists already….

…some theories are more popular than others…..and will continue to gain ground by the hour I’m sure…….

(I’m personally not a big fan of conspiracy theories. I find a great number of them troubling, for the simple reason that it might make sense, but then it doesn’t if the accused group stand to lose. All I see are people who will lose in the end when reading or hearing of popular narratives of conspiracy. What would make sense would be to think broader, or maybe I overestimate people. In fact I’m suspecting that that might be the case. If I’m guilty of over-thinking then Europe & America are standing face to face with a threat that is shooting itself in the foot.)

With the current culture war and student movements on both sides of the Atlantic, not to forget the underground “scene” of self-taught individuals on the opposite political spectrum who openly blog or hack while being in “stealth mode,” I’m sure that boats will be rocked and alignments change, whether it is for the better or for the worst.

Loyalties might swiftly change and old narratives of friendship might suddenly be forgotten.

Leaders such as Sebastian Kurz & Matteo Salvini, not to forget “freedom fighters” such as the imprisoned Tommy Robinson are the kind of types that will salvage the mothership that is Europe. If they fail we will see the uprising of what their critics accuse them of being, “the great evil” that the mainstream media think they see in U.S. President Donald J.Trump. If the U.S.A. and Europe are not salvaged politically, there will be an attempt to do so from the bottom up. That is a given. There will always be those who refuse to give up. I predict that the situation in America will become especially dire in the years to come, unless the culture issue and the demographic issue is solved.ย 

So where does this strange self-destructive attitude we can observe in The Western World come from? Is it possible to manufacture Ethno-masochism? Well apparently yes…

Don’t expect that these type of initiatives won’t backfire though.

They do and they will. If your people win a fight, whether culturally, demographically or out on the battlefield, then you ought to remember how you won, because your enemies surely will!

And those who are clever will study closely, h-o-w y-o-u w-o-n!

The problem with Western culture today, is that we are neither equipped to deal with victory nor defeat. Or that is the aim of political correctness. The aim is clearly to pacify people and ensure that the fight or the battle is lost before it even starts.

The goal is obviously to have a Nation caving in on itself, self-annihilating, with the one institution falling after the other like domino bricks, and an angry populace wondering what the heck is going on, eventually resulting in violence in the streets and disorder, so that enemy elements placed within the Nation can initiate their part while their partners come in from the outside.

You have to be mean (by today standards) to win. People are inherently mean and people will be mean, even those who normally aren’t, the question is rather, can you be mean in a clever fashion without your operation backfiring either on you or your children?

That is the question and that is a good one indeed, all things considered.

From Africa Digest


I don’t really follow “trade wars” or “tariff wars” and find this quote to be interesting:

“The Commerce Department is currently investigating whether foreign auto imports pose a risk to national security.”

You can read more here:ย Germany Willing To Cut Tariffs.

Here is a genuine Russia collusion. I remember reading somewhere, sometime, somehow, about Russia providing energy to Eastern European Nations and using this politically, funny enough I didn’t catch that Western European Nations were in on it too… Maybe they should get their power from Norway instead ๐Ÿ˜› Funny how everyone is spinning the Russia narrative as far as the U.S. is concerned when Europeans are blatantly dealing massively with the official “eternal-bad-guy-Putin.” Remember; everything is always Russia’s fault. Hilarious. I also recall that I read in a French newspaper, somewhere, sometime, somehow, that the then French President had lots of interests (or maybe it was France Inc.) in Iraq due to business dealings with Saddam, so their opposition to the war was not so much humanitarian as it was money related. Funny enough this story was confirmed when I read something else concerning the Iraq war….It is always interesting to figure out what drives people’s “official concern.” Lately I’ve been wondering why American celebrities don’t starve themselves for all of those kids who’ve been separated from their parents in inner-city America, but then again, I guess you have to come from anywhere but America for Hollywood to bother…..

Whether you dislike or like the current U.S. President I strongly recommend reading this:ย โ€œTrump โ€“ The Art Of The Dealโ€ by Donald J.Trump & Tony Schwartz.

Here is a most intriguing article from The New York Times:ย The New York Times Praising Donald J.Trump – before he ran for office.

Here are some selected quotes from the article, published in 1984….

“Donald J. Trump is the man of the hour.” – The New York Times.

“He deserves full credit for his success,’ says another builder.”

“Mayor Koch says that, indeed, what is good for Donald Trump is often good for New York.”

“To others, the notion that Mr. Trump seems to be able to do just about anything he sets his mind to is terrifying.”

“Roy M. Cohn, Mr. Trump’s friend and attorney, adds: ‘He has an uncanny sense of knowing that something is a good deal when it looks dismal to everyone else.”

“That Mr. Trump was able to obtain the location, when every real-estate developer in the world would have done just about anything to get it, is testimony to Donald Trump’s persistence and to his skills as a negotiator.” (my highlighting).

“He is an almost unbelievable negotiator,’ says Irving Fischer of HRH Construction. ‘I don’t worship at the shrine of Donald Trump,’ he says, ‘but our company has given up trying to negotiate costs with him. We just say: ‘Tell us what you want, you’re going to get it anyway.”

“He says that his concern for nuclear holocaust is not one that popped into his mind during any recent made-of-television movie. He says that it has been troubling him since his uncle, a nuclear physicist, began talking to him about it 15 years ago.”

“When he finally speaks up, he says hat he is on the commission because the young men who went to Vietnam got a bad deal – which, about the worst thing that can happen to anyone.”

“The day before he has sent $3,000 to an unfortunate family he has red about in the newspaper, something he does frequently, according to Mrs. Foerderer.”

“That Mr. Trump builds shops and apartments for the world’s wealthiest people makes him that much more prone to attack.”

“If you go with Donald to see an art collection, he’s not that interested. He’d rather look out the windows at building.”

“His wife describes him as an all-American boy who likes country music best and prefers a steak and aked potato to anything called cuisine.”

“Mrs. Trump says they like to attend Broadway openings an that they frequent the ballet and opera. Mrs. Trump is active in support of the United Cerebral Palsy Fund and other charities, as well as the New York City Opera. She is also an active supporter of Ronald Reagan.”

“He has dificulty now figuring out who his real friends are, as billionaires will.”

The White House Chief of Staff made waves online after untangling an American flag:ย “Once A Marine, Always A Marine.”

I enjoyed this article written by Steve Hilton until he wrote this:

“But we have to recognize that the melting pot is cracking. Years of uncontrolled immigration โ€“ and a creeping acceptance of separatism, boosted by identity politics โ€“ risk importing the disastrous doctrine of โ€œmulticulturalismโ€ that is prevalent in Europe.”

The U.S.A. has been a multi-racial construct, arguably since the very beginning, with absolute “separatism,” before the federal government made segregation “illegal.” I say illegal, since people now self-segregate, which roughly means that the “melting-pot” never really worked on a street level. What I recognise in Europe is imported American multiculturalism, so I’m not sure which planet Hilton is living on… I find it annoying to see such lies in digital “print.”

Radical “multiculturalism” is a relatively new phenomenon in Europe. There is a reason as to why Europe never became Muslim and there is also a reason as to why we are so very pale……One foreigner now and then doesn’t really make much of a difference, but importing hordes of people will ruin the peace and comprise the integrity of your Nation.

It is especially dangerous if you mass import young men, who are in their “peak aggression” age.

Multiculturalism never really works, regardless of where in the world people try it, it always results in “separatism” and can only be held together by a rough, police state. It always results in fragmentation. Mixing on a large-scale only happens as a result of unhinged violence, where the men of one tribe are killed off and their women raped.

Inter-Ethnic diversity is a challenge great enough.

Anyone who welcomes anything else is culturally and demographically suicidal. Nothing less.

People = culture.

People = behaviour patterns on average.

There is no such thing as “magic soil.” Period.

If you mass import people from Uganda into Norway, then you’ll get Uganda in Norway.

If you mass import Arabs into France, then you’ll get an Arab Nation in the middle of Europe.

If you mass import Chinese people into Canada, you’ll get China Inc. in Canada.

If you mass import people from Latino countries into the U.S.A, then the culture, the practises, the voting patterns and whatnot will be coloured by this.

Apparently it is very difficult to follow this kind of logic………

Any person who does not understand demographics should be banned from public service. ย It is that dangerous to play around with. An increase in violence and division is a given….


New Scientist: Secret Map Of The Brain.


Overarching narratives. That’s what becomes obvious when reading New Scientist. Don’t get me wrong I love “the concept” of a Science Mag but I ask myself why there is such limited diversity when it comes to ideas? From reading New Scientist, with their variety of contributors, one would think that climate change caused by humans is canon. Nowhere in the Mag and in fact in none of the issues that I’ve ever picked up, are “sceptics” represented so as to offer an alternative view. The same can be said of the apparent furore over Trump. It is obvious that his administration is perceived as the greatest threat to Science since Old-European theocracy, same with Brexit, even though Alex Halliday on p.47 points out that matters may not be as serious as people would like to think in terms of getting funding and working in a post-Brexit Europe. The editorial in this issue displays hostility towards “new media” as it celebrates that ” British MPs last week grilled Google, Facebook and Twitter representatives over their ineffectual efforts to police their platforms for abuse and hate speech. A draft law in Germany has threatened huge fines if they don’t improve how they operate.” If you look beyond the various articles you can sense an overarching political narrative which makes New Scientist no better than those who they would probably refer to as “unreasonable” … as they themselves are obviously true believers and guardians of certain values. Values that would clash with anyone believing that the internet should remain free, for example. Which is a pity. The issue offers a couple of interesting book reviews, which made me curious. I intend to check out the following:

  • The Vaccine Race: How scientists used human cells to combat killer viruses (Meredith Wadman)
  • The Imagineers of War: The untold story of DARPA, the Pentagon agency that changed the world (Sharon Weinberger)

My last comment is that the letters provided by the readership of NS present an impressive vocabulary and are in some cases better written than the main articles in the Magazine. Maybe NS is fascinating due to their readers, they certainly display a superior word-use in contrast to those who are paid to write for the Magazine, so make sure that you check out the last few pages.

Patron Saints of Europe.


I was looking ย for a symbol that could represent Europe besides the EU flag. On my quest for this I came across the following Saints listed below … I guess I was thinking of Athena, patroness of Athens while I was searching for a “unified Europe symbol” I couldn’t really find much besides what I’ve listed โ†“

  1. Saint Benedict.
  2. Saint Catherine of Siena.
  3. Saint Ansgar.ย The patron saint of Scandinavia.
  4. St. Teresa Benedicta of The Cross.
  5. Bridget of Sweden.
  6. Saint Cyril & Saint Methodius
  7. Saint Scholastica, the twin sister of Saint Benedict.
  8. Jan Hus.ย A very interesting read about one of the “predecessors” of Martin Luther.
  9. Christina, Queen of Sweden.ย An interesting read about the “tomboy Queen” who converted to Catholicism & abdicated her throne.
  10. Eternal King and Patron Saint of Norway:ย Saint Olaf.
  11. Saint Magnus Erlendsson.ย A patron Saint of Norway.
  12. Religious Retreats.
  13. Croatian Hand Tattoos.
  14. What the KKK and the & Catholic church have in common.
  15. Odin.


Gi Aldri Opp! “Never Give Up!” by Heidi Lรธke.


This was a very straightforward and easy read authored or co-authored by one of the world’s best handball players. Heidi comes from a very atypical Norwegian family by today’s standards. If I remember correctly they were 7 siblings in total, raised by very religious and traditionalist parents. Maybe it was to counter this that the opening of the work was so very vulgar … the book is off to a shocking start where it is described how Lรธke was trying to make her genitalia more like a penis, as a child, in order to be more like her brothers … (straight up the alley of any post-modernist in other words)….after this opening the book goes on to reveal a “good Christian girl” from a very respectable family of good standing in the community without neither divorce or any other official scandals.

Her brother played on the National team for male handball players and is refered to as her big hero; she writes about all of her siblings in detail and ultimately dedicates her book and her victories to her parents who were very involved with all of their children, despite her father working several jobs. I’m assuming that her mother was a homemaker as no profession is mentioned. It is described how she would cook several meals from scratch everyday, to provide every child with what he or she wanted. According to Lรธke, they were fed to be sturdy sportsmen/women.

Heidi describes an ideal Norwegian upbringing …ย before technology made us all too busy to just go and knock on the door of our peers ….ย They were not wealthy, but were certainly an extremely close-knit family, with Heidi moving home to her mum and dad on several occasions despite being in her 20s. Considering how Norwegian society emphasises independence at all costs, it is certainly encouraging to read about a more old-fashioned family.

Heidi reveals some of the hardships that professional athletes have to cope with, ย but I regret that she doesn’t go more in-depth in regards to her injuries, etc; It is especially shocking to read the sequence dealing with her coach in Hungary, where yelling at the players and weighting them in front of the entire team was the norm. Abusing athletes psychologically goes against anything I’ve ever read about successful coaching, Heidi also writes in her book that the experience certainly made her aware of how well you are treated as a sports person in Scandinavia. Still it certainly raised my eyebrows when I read about how she was treated as “replaceable” by her Norwegian club before she went on to become a living legend. It is especially interesting that she had to supplement her income when playing for a professional team in Norway and that she was pretty much “taken for a ride,” since her value as a player increased without her salary reflecting this until she fought for a raise….

One would think that athletes would be treated with a little bit more respect…especially if active on the national team……

As I said the book was extremely easy to get through. It only took me an evening. It would have been interesting if the book went a bit deeper, describing in detail how she prepares herself for her matches, etc; It gives off the air of being a superficial read, but I’m guessing that she didn’t want to bore her fans with too many “geeky” details.

If anything, the book could be used as an argument as to how important it is to have the support of a close-knit family and how family values needs to be more prioritized in our “fractured” modern progressive society.



The Chimp Paradox.


I’m almost done with Prof Steve Peters’s book.

After reading the first chapter I was planning on criticising his work for its limited, repetitive, simplified vocabulary. This book is a shockingly ย easy read which may leave you feeling underestimated as a reader. Considering what an impressive CV Peters has I expected something very, very heavy, but as this work is intended for the masses I guess it was decided to make it ย u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d-a-b-l-e… (So try not to feel insulted by that and prepare to feel like someone is talking to you like you are an idiot). It is also obvious that Peters is terrified of being a controversial character as he continuously makes sure that he doesn’t generalise, almost apologising for scientific facts as he literally tries to wear a literary bullet proof west in an attempt to not offend anyone. It seems like this book was first published in 1988, then re-published in 2012, so if I’m correct it was originally written way before the SJW craze, which makes me wonder if the SJW mentality has always been a problem…..

The book is good and picks up after chapter 1. It ties in with other mental training books especially Willi Railo’sย work ย as Peters explains how you can re-program your mind to fulfil your potential. The work becomes increasingly brutal as you go deeper into it with Peters delivering one hard truth after another. “The chimp” is nothing but brilliant as it highlights comical behaviours which evokes hilarious ย associations with your inner “chimp” and its irrationality. Prepare to chuckle your way through several of the chapters.

I certainly had some questions answered by reading this book, so even though the language is simplified it delves further into the mind than a lot of other “similar” works. It is of course always advisable to read this type of literature with a pencil or marker at the ready as no mentality-change will ever happen over night. If you want to exert your full potential you have to be committed.

A Book About Warfare.


According to the preface in this book strategy and knowledge of military history used to be “mandatory.” I certainly learned nothing about warfare during my years in various schools besides the fact that war sucks.

  1. During grammar school we had one page in our history book dedicated to WWIIย (this was in Italy btw).
  2. In Norway we visited a former nazi-camp and were guided by a former captive. We did not learn anything else.
  3. At an international IB school in Italy and at a state funded school, in either France or the US, I learnt about the Vietnam war; the domino effect, America’s communist fear, protestors “Make love, not war” and the fact that America lost out to the Viet Cong. The education offered at the IB school was more profound as we had an entire book only about the conflict, at the State Funded school the topic was dealt with superficially. Yet none of the institutions would teach any of the many lessons one can learn by reading about actual warfare and specific battles.
  4. Twice, (one of them in Norway) I learned about the cold war, how horrible it was with the arms race and how wonderful it was when the wall came down.
  5. During my short stint in the IB programme at an American state funded ย high school I was actually given a book to read that dealt with the intricate circumstances leading up to WWI. That was actually very intriguing as WW1 in its entirety is usually only blamed on the Germans without any mentions of the complex landscape during that specific time. As I wanted more flexibility to focus on my art & music I dropped out of the IB voluntary and was accepted into AP art instead which made me happier but exposed me to an inferior education, as “in-depth knowledge” is obviously kept to the few. The majority of the population will not have access to the curriculum offered through the IB programme as you have to qualify through tests or will be exposed to it automatically if enrolled at a private school. In a normal state funded school setting, even double honour programmes, will be limited in terms of the vastness and diversity of their curriculum. Which means that knowledge has to be pursued independently.

This sums up any education I ever received regarding warfare. No mention of logistics, no mention of strategy, no real insight into circumstances leading up to war, nothing really besides: “war stinks.” One can draw the conclusion that neither the US, Norway, Italy, France nor the UK ( as my siblings attend school here) are particularly interested in the general population gaining any knowledge whatsoever about the circumstances of conflict. Only those who have relatives of a military background, those who pursue a degree or a well-balanced perspective on history independently and/or those who play specific video games will ever be introduced to the wisdom hidden within the winning or losing of battles.

Here are a few interesting lessons from the book I just completed:

  1. Make use of supplies wherever you come.
  2. Don’t let your soldiers know what your objective is.
  3. Don’t engage in prolonged warfare as it impoverishes your nation.
  4. If the option is to fight or die, your men will thrive.
  5. You have to know the territory.
  6. Be quick.
  7. Don’t start a pointless war.
  8. Military personnel in the field cannot wait for instructions from a sovereign far away.

Now look at these 8 lessons and think about the current wars we have been and still are fighting…. Do you see what I see? Our modern leaders are either exceptionally incompetent or fantastically corrupt.

New Year, Same Issues.


How do you start a new “blog-year”? Certainly not like this “Starting A Blog?,” as I’m not launching a new blogย and neither like this “Too busy to be on my phone.,” asย I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll aim for 2 entries a week in 2017. So…. was I going to write about all the new books that I’ve bought myself, the joy of getting back into shape after being ill, or trying out a completely organic skin-regiment? Hmmm….I was planning on writing an entry called “sorry” officially apologising for any un-intended typos in my entries as WordPress lacks a good grammar tool. I correct my entries going over them several times before publishing… only for glaring imperfections to find their way into the final post. This is also something I’ve noticed on big news sites. It seems like technology hasn’t quite caught up yet…. ย I was contemplating publishing an entry featuring some outrageous YouTube songs just to lighten up the mood a little, then I figured that my first piece could be an opinion piece… but as the days of the week went past I picked up some news from here and some news from there… so I guess it is obvious where this is going…..

  1. I’m always happy when I’m proven wrong as far as my social commentaries are concerned so when I heard about this story I was quite pleased that the stark future of Japanย might be greatly exaggerated. This was the source behind the rumour btw; check it out for yourself.

2. Then again my blog entries where I shared my concern regarding future turbulence and increased racial tensions both in Europe and the USA….were not that far off….The authorities in Chicago changed their mind and decided to call it a hate crime after all…see… this is what happens when the PC people try their best to spread “Rwanda-esque” propaganda…*thanks for that*….People were already divided…we certainly don’t need that to escalate. I’ve not watched the video in the link below as I find these type of things disturbing. Always remember that hate doesn’t need a reason. The whole “liberal” viewpoint that terrorism is “deserved” or that racial crimes can be justified if they are committed by minorities is nothing but nonsense. Yet this is a theory that is promoted in high schools where films meant to create sympathy for ย Palestinian suicide bombers are shown….”People throw rocks when they got nothing else, individuals martyr themselves when they are forced into a corner”…didn’t a certain leader say something about ” young men joining ISIS because they didn’t have jobs” when a lot of these fighters actually were very well-educated, integrated and employed? There doesn’t have to be a justifiable nor understandable reason for violence. If you buy into the “I’ll understand everything” mentality you’ll soon excuse those guilty of Pedophiliaย and sympathise, maybe even welcome your own abusers….

3. This was sent to me…..I would like to add that it has been revealed in de-classified British documents that politicians lied to the population regarding the intended role of the EU, when they first joined. This type of lying was also revealed in Norway regarding immigration. The goal was always to use immigration to fundamentally change my country of origin. I guess the same can be said of other European countries.

4. In Germany it was news that “nothing happened” on New Years Eve, of course this also led to the authorities being criticised for “racial-profiling” by some. You gotta laugh. SMH

5. I heard rumours that Hitler was back in Germany. Of course this book was never out of print in the Middle East….did I ever share the old Norwegian news-story of Neo-Nazis being arrested for demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy, whereas rock-throwing muslims were allowed to stay? SMH. #SameShitDifferentWrapping

6. An equally disturbing and inspiring story. I wish that the world could be purged of trafficking and slavery. Do sex-work customers ever ask themselves if the individual who they are “buying” is there of their own free will? #PurgeTheHeretics$sitewide%20p$8

7. Seeking Arrangements are popping up everywhere it seems…I’m wondering if they are paying for the exposure or if these chicks are so desperate for attention they just don’t see how silly they come across. I’m waiting for the “Sugar Babies” reality show…( The Naughty or Secret Lives Of The Sugar Babies)…. you know it is bound to happen….I’m amazed it hasn’t happened already.

Here we have a chick who is an escort….without realising it…..$sitewide%20p$4

8. This Christmas I also came across an article, in a physical newspaper, written by a “leftie,” who was advocating for a military escalation in Syria… All in the name of human rights of course. Modern “liberals” are not less war-mongering than others, let’s not forget the Obama administration….these people simply support warfare and destruction if it is in accordance with their ideology. Hypocrites.