Oh How You’ve Failed Us With Your “Fine” Ideas.


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I’ve been thinking for a while that we’ll probably miss these post-WW2 years, where all that could be sensed by those my age at least were the signs of a diseased society and the visible fractures in our constructs mercilessly reminding us of our former glorious splendour.

Observing the political landscape here in England these last days has reserved as a reminder, and a confirmation, as to how our institutions have fallen, and when reading this article that I just came across, it is obvious that the symptoms of continental societal illness are visible and clear to some.

I think we’ll miss those years from 1989 when the wall fell, and up until one specific event in the near future which will be of such magnitude that it will symbolically be the last nail in the coffin for the current European Utopia.

What our leadership leaves behind to people my age and younger are disputed territories, identity confusion, seemingly weak military constructs, outsourced labour, poor infrastructure, crumbling healthcare and lots of debt … in other words – nothing short of chaos. God only knows what will be raised in its stead, because the political visions will surely be many and radically diverse.

Some lessons can be learnt from Europe:

1-Do not mass import people from alien cultures.
2-Do not allow people in from countries you’ve bombed or occupied.
3-Never take loyalty for granted from the son if the immigrant father loves your country. Loyalty to identity and ancestry cannot be bought indefinitely.
4-Do not expect people to sell out their values for government benefits, after all, are you really so cheap that you would sell your beliefs for a BMW?
5-Do not allow people into power who prioritize other citizens over their own.
6-Never allow benefits to become the greatest financial burden of the state.
7-Be clear when it comes to the identity and configuration of your country and nation.
8-Do not forget the founders of your nation and those who died to protect it and build it.
9-Do not allow parallel societies to be established as it will only lead to trouble.
10-If you are to create a Union then create it between strong, independent, sovereign, nations, so that the stronger ones won’t be weakened by the poorer ones, or the weaker ones walked all over by the stronger ones. As both scenarios will sow resentment.
11-The number one duty of a government is to ensure military protection for its citizens.
12-Never de-militarize your society as it will render your country weak from the inside out alienating those willing to serve from the rest of the population.
13-Never create a national culture of guilt.
14-There are no such things as progressive policies, only good and bad ones, and sometimes the good ones are old and tried recipes which have stood the test of time.
15-Do not allow your nation to become a vassal state.
16-Do not allow your nation to be mismanaged for decades as it will probably take even longer to sort it all out.
17-Disrespect will grow if you espouse illegitimate or fake authority.
18-Everyone has to be equal under the law and the law has to be sensible.
19-If you allow one ethnic group to get away with things, do not expect that those who are “easy to police” will remain so for much longer.
20-Make an example out of those who stand for poor leadership – and remember that leadership has nothing to do with being “nice to all” or saying what is “politically correct.”
21-Do not let the roles in your society slip to such an extent that normal citizens have to take on the role as journalists and writers.
22-If the media are acting as tools for propaganda, let it at least be known and legally challenged with opposing propaganda.

Some articles of interest:

  1. This is actually a very important read, not necessarily because I’m against the idea of having “stay-behind-troops” (this is a good thing to have in place) nor that I’m against “anti-communist-measures” but it is the idea that is of interest here. Who stand to benefit from the weakening and downfall of your nation? And at the end of the day: who is really responsible? Is an attack only just that? Is it disguised targeting masked as random acts of terror? And why would you believe those who take official credit? Where does the funding come from if it can be traced?
  2. Word of mouth has it that Norway already has “Swedish Conditions” in certain areas. I also wrote a little while ago that our government had to agree to over 2.000 new quota-refugees in 2018. Still this interview with our immigration & integration minister is interesting.
  3. Dire news regarding England’s Police. Unbelievable both the downsizing and how the funds are being spent. Some months ago I read in an “analogue newspaper” that an ex-police chief was lamenting the current priorities of our police force, such as political correctness training and “bring all of you to work day” (to paraphrase). A transgender friendly initiative/day.
  4. Officially it  is said that this film is from the UK, it certainly looks like it. I’ve seen similar footage across social media from Birmingham and other areas in this country. I’ve also driven through neighbourhoods like this around London and other places in Europe. The New-Europe.  Not to forget what I’ve seen myself.
  5. People smugglers have an easy time in the UK as Border Patrol is suffering from budget cuts leaving the coastline open and vulnerable … incredible. There were people in 2016 who were calling for the resurrection of the “Home Guard,” what I find interesting is this quote that I found in a Wikipedia article about General Sir Anthony Heritage Farrar-Hockley recently: He declared to The Guardian that a secret arms network was established in Britain after the war, but refused to say if it still existed. He aroused controversy in 1983 when he became involved trying to organise a campaign for a new home guard against possible Soviet invasion and in 1990, following Italian Prime minister Giulio Andreotti’s October 1990 revelations concerning Operation Gladio, a NATO stay-behind network, he revealed that the armed anti-communist secret resistance network across western European had involved Britain.[1][5]. I have no idea why any of this would be controversial, especially the revival of the Home Guard? Why would this be looked upon as weird? Why??????????
  6.  A sanction only works if there are no back doors right? That’s what I’m thinking anyway. The Turkish leadership is problematic and their desire for EU membership certainly is as well. The size of their force is not good either. They represent a danger to Europe; not that this is something new. The amount of Turks within European nations as well pose a risk, demonstrated by Erdogan’s recent political agitation, which I wrote about somewhere on this blog 😛 It’s easy to find articles about this anyway…..
  7. Norway has to rent military equipment, sarcastic politicians wonder if we’ll have to rent soldiers as well since the Norwegian military has seen better days.
  8. The author of this article refers to it as provocative behaviour when right-wing activists march through English territory inhabited by Muslims and/or other alien immigrants, as we apparently should consider these zones to be theirs. I assume that we should consider these places lost and keep out of them? What do we do when they inevitably expand? Should Ethnic Britons and other European ethnic groups simply abandon the island, so as to not offend the aliens? The author also has the audacity to claim that you are part of a european ethnic group as long as you’re born here to immigrant parents. A direct assault on ethnic Europeans and our distinct populations, once again. This is a blatant lie. There are races, then there are ethnicities, then you got differences within your ethnic group partly or maybe entirely (?) as a result of your distribution through your own territory, and finally you have individual differences. And there might even be more variances. The fact that the claims in this article are supposed to be accepted as canon is bogus. Feel free to read my “How To Be Evil In 2017.,”entry or my Identity. entry or my Diversity – Why It Is A Complex Issue. entry or this Acid Attacks & Diversity In The UK.

I will share more articles and translate more horrible news articles from Scandinavia. There is one shocking story in particular from Sweden, that illustrates how rape is being used as a weapon against Ethnic European women.

Whatever that is left of the European spirit cannot be allowed to die. If everyone loses faith in Europe we are officially done; and by Europe I mean all of our individual nation states and their distinct European ethnic groups. Our shared and individual heritage is ours and we can not let it go. If we don’t care about our cultures anymore, then why should anyone else? Love your country, love your people, know your history, or you’ll perish.



Me: I’m going to take a break from writing about the state of affairs in Europe, it’s not like everybody cares about what’s happening over here, those who know keep an eye on things anyway, and after all, I’ve said enough.

Just some days later: Shit a homemade “bomb” went off! Watch out!

Me: I’ve written enough about this. It’s probably only going to get me into trouble. I’m done.

Some days later: Oh my God look at this!

Me: Totally done now. I’m making my blog private.

Some hours later: Nah…can’t really do that. Maybe I’ll  save someone’s life if I don’t.

Me: It’s boring to sound like a broken record, there are more things in this world to write about, like srsly.

Sun 19. Nov. 2017 – Oh whatever, here we go again….

So … I was in Norway last week and guess what I just found out? More violence and fragmentation in Europe, and this time it happened right in the area where I was. How glorious….as I’ve already described there were visible changes to the environment which I observed and wrote about, but I had no idea that the area had upgraded to racial/ethnic violence. This hits just as close to home as the attack down in Nice. If things escalate like this I guess it will be highly likely that at least one of your relatives will be affected in the coming years, if your family and acquaintances are spread around the continent and/or live in culturally enriched areas. Keep in mind that these territories are expanding, and that “safe zones” aren’t safe, unless gated and/or guarded. *Don’t forget*

So as the geeky person I am. Why not translate this article into English? Yes, here we go:

Around 30 immigrant boys attacked handball boys.

Around 30 youths of immigrant background attacked boys from the handball team from Kolbotn without any motive. The police have received several complaints. 

It was on a Saturday a week ago, 11. November, that a youth gang numbering around 30 provoked to create trouble on Kolbotn Market. There they allegedly hit and kicked several other boys without any motive.

The media kept their silence. Until now, probably because the police have received several complaints after the incident. But even though (ØB) reported on the case on the 17th of November – behind a subscription wall, just so you know – the newspaper seem unwilling to share concrete information and none of those involved, or their parents, have been interviewed.

“Brawl between youths in Kolbotn and Ski”

ØB quotes John-Erik Veseth, the leader of the pre-emptive unit East Police department Follo, as saying “From what we’ve unravelled from the investigation so far, we’re getting closer to these people.”

The timeline of events is described as follows: A gang of around 30 youngsters have allegedly been behind several attacks on other youths around the centre of Kolbotn. The first complaint about trouble came from a private residence, where some youths were gathered for a party, right outside the town centre right before seven o’clock on Saturday evening. There were also two adults in the home, and they reported on the uninvited guests who interrupted the gathering, but said that they had control over the situation.

After this the youth-gang allegedly moved towards the centre of Kolbotn. “Here they just started physically attacking other youngsters who happened to be in town, among them the members of a young sports team who were out to celebrate with their fellow handball players.”

It is further said that ” the Follo-Police have received 5 reports about violence after the gang ran amok in the town centre. All of the reports concern boys under 18 of age. One of the reports concern a 16 year old from Ski who was punched.” It is also said that the police were first told that “the gang took the train from Kolbotn to Ski after the raucous in Kolbotn centre, but this has proven to be false.”

But several things seem to suggest that the situation is way worse than what ØB are reporting.

High immigrant youths who kicked, punched and threatened. 

After the handball-boys in the age group 14-16 had eaten pizza and been to the cinema over in Kolbotn, which finished around 8 o’clock, they were greeted by a boy-gang of around 30 individuals, also in the age group 14-16, who were looking for trouble.

It is told that the boys were dark-skinned, were wearing hoodies and had covered their faces. The boys were perceived as being intoxicated. Some of the handball boys were trying to get away, but some were caught by the attackers. 

The boys who were kept behind were in the receiving end of direct violence such as kicks and punches. In addition there were several others who were threatened and ran after. 

Those of the handball boys who managed to escape called their parents, who in their turn contacted the police.

The police are looking for more information, according to ØB. That is interesting, considering that the media first reported on the incident a week after it happened. And then as if tough we are just talking about a simple “brawl” between teens.

Hmmm….sounds like Chicago or L.A. to me. I seem to recall young boys who I knew back then were plotting to start a “UN gang” to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks from a certain demographic. Hmm … how peculiar. Why on earth would people want to protect themselves against racist assaults? I have no clue….these handball boys were probably fascists. It’s all a conspiracy I bet…..


Acid Attacks & Diversity In The UK.


“Savagery knows no cultural boundaries” states The Guardian’s Ian Black. This can hardly be denied but don’t forget or dismiss racism in an effort to disguise racial tensions and/or cultural incompatibility.  If savagery is only to be perceived as a universal human trait without specific catalysts, then we dismiss the reasons as to why some groups feel superior to others – even justifying and engaging in murder/genocide as well as supporting and/or excusing “random” and/or institutionalised racism. We cannot abandon the fact that ethnicities/cultures are different from one another to such an extent that nations with their borders can be perceived as “self-segregation on a global scale.” Remove your fences and walls and all you get is “self-segregation on a national scale.” If you remember “the times” before enforced multiculturalism in Europe, then you might recall internal, national, diversity, where people from the north were seen as culturally different to those from the south, etc; all within the same nation and the same ethnicity…..Same language, different dialects, some of them impossible to understand when coming from a different part of the very same country…In the 1840s a philologist even travelled far and wide on a mission to compress all of Norway’s dialects into a new language called “Ny-Norsk.”

Sure violence happens within ” the group” as well, it would be lunacy to deny this, but isn’t it so that some cultures are more barbarous than others? Especially if you compare how the west treats its women, how we were ahead in condemning slavery, how we treat those who are different/disadvantaged, how we treat animals, not to mention our global altruism, our “openness” and how we treat our criminals, etc; ? Isn’t so that all burden of evidence rest upon the accuser? And  that no one is to be seen as guilty until proven so?

Some countries even fare better under foreign administration, for some weird reason, proving that the “nobel savage” myth may just be that, a myth. We all like to believe in civic nationalism, but how realistic and successful is this, if the result of multiculturalism is sectarianism, “white flight,” and unsuccessful integration in a lot of cases? Not to mention the taboo of “performance levels” proven and mentioned by real and well-respected scientists (more on that later) who normally are hushed down or put in the dog house as a result of their findings….. Among the rest of the populace the topic is only really highlighted by actual neo-nazis and uncompromising hateful (quite frankly scary) racist individuals. Which means that the general population is fairly ignorant, but still very outspoken when it comes to this issue, funny enough. Obviously I don’t believe in discrimination but I do believe in honesty, if we are not, then how can we possibly help those who need extra assistance within our nations?

I’m convinced that diversity would be our undeniable strength if, and only if, no group or only one group was allowed to be the major player. An issue arise when new arrivals don’t have to integrate in order to “survive” but are given the option of clustering together with their own within their new country.

If you were to have a street for example where every single household represented a different ethnicity and a different mother tongue, where survival depended on inter-marriages and a common “broken english” then diversity would be the equivalence of strength as nobody would be able to function without their neighbours.

If there was a foreign and/or alien threat to all, where every single man and woman was needed somehow, then unity, regardless of differences would be paramount but not “universal” as there will always be those who aid the enemy. Native Americans in The USA.

If you were to headhunt the very best scientists from all over the world to partake in an ambitious project collecting them all within the walls of one room, then once again diversity would be the equivalence of strength. The project would fall apart if the participants refused to work together, not to mention, that the “identity” that would unite the participants would be their gifted nature….as they would represent the “very best” of their countries/ethnicities.

Yet in all other settings I’m convinced that multiculturalism is a recipe for disaster based on my readings and more importantly, my observations/ experiences.

According to BBC’s Mark Easton white flight in London is “a story of aspiration. It is a story of success.” He claims that this is the case since affordable housing provided working class whites with a ladder out of their “misery,” which eventually gave them the opportunity to buy “that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea.”

There is therefore no reason to be alarmed or to worry about “demographic replacement” according to Easton….as white people are becoming a minority  in London not because of white flight but because of upward, financial, mobility….which means that no body really wants to live in the capital if one if to follow this type of logic…

I guess that “white flight” in other countries and other cities is a result of….upward mobility too…………

Regardless of what Ian Black is trying to promote, I’ve come across an article where acid attacks by London boroughs are listed…..London Acid Attacks…

As you can see Newham tops the list. A quick google will yield this result: “Demography. Newham has the youngest overall population and one of the lowest White British populations in the country according to the 2011 Census. The borough has the second highest percentage of Muslims in Britain, after the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, at 32%”

The second borough on the list is Barking & Dagenham: “Summary of the 2011 Census results for Barking and Dagenham: The borough’s population has increased by 22,000 since 2001. There has been an almost 50% growth in 0 to 4 year olds. The White British population has decreased from 80.86% in 2001 to 49.46% in 2011.”

Mark Easton mentions the borough in this articleLondon’s White Flight. Here is an excerpt: “The years between the last two censuses have witnessed significant cultural change in London, particularly in the outer boroughs. Some white British may have moved because their neighbourhood has been culturally transformed, the tea rooms and restaurants replaced by takeaway chicken shops and halal supermarkets serving the new arrivals.
But there is also a story here of white working class families that escaped from the slums and bombed-out East End in the middle of the last century, found new opportunities in London’s outer boroughs and then, in the past decade – often having prospered from the housing boom and the capital’s economic growth – cashed in their assets and bought themselves that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea.
It is a story of aspiration. It is a story of success.” Note how any article about a grim topic, always ends on a positive note, so as to leave the reader with the impression that things aren’t really that bad….

In this article (acid attacks in the uk,) which was the first one I came across, it is revealed that the majority of those who are attacked are white males. Nowhere does anyone ask if this is the result of increased racial attacks towards whites…Notice how a global comparison is instantly brought up as if to muffle the severity of this national issue: “Six in 10 of all victims were male, while 71% described their ethnic origin as white British, the figures show (white British, according to the 2011 census, accounts for 80% of the British population in England and Wales). Globally, an estimated 80% of victims are women.” 

Notice how the article reveals that the attacks are usually unprovoked and initiated by strangers, but then quote this: “Young men need to be educated on how to sort out disputes with other young men without resorting to violence. We need to work out why these young people are so unhappy.”

Also bear in mind that the narrative we are presented with from the media/political establishment is this: if one white person is guilty of terrorism/racist violence, then all other whites should be ashamed and engage in an “honest conversation,” but if a member of a (so-called) minority group is guilty of the same then it is constantly branded as a “lone wolf” attack. According to influential media-outlets….we’ll never know why a muslim extremist committed a terrorist attack outside Parliament as his motives will forever remain unknown………. We should also feel sorry for other migrants since they are the true victims. It’s more important to feel sorry for them than the actual victims and their families. We should also fear a large-scale right-wing-supremascist backlash…..since white people are so inherently racist….All focus is therefore shifted towards how the terrorist attack probably was “well deserved” or how fearing another attack by the same group of people makes you “an evil, xenophobic, bigoted, whatever.”   What do you think the reaction would have been if people felt more sorry for “moderate nazis” (#notall) rather than the countless different groups of people who were targeted by the nazis and those “who only followed orders?” Typical…

Here is a list of articles concerning acid attacks in the UK:

Acid Attacks as reported by RT.

Another article about acid attacks from The Guardian.

Acid attacks as reported by The Mirror.

Acid attacks as reported by the Sunday Express.

An acid attack as reported by The Daily Mail.

Acid attacks as reported by the BBC.