Beautiful England <3

It’s not exactly ugly where I live! Here are some pictures from life in England 🙂


Spring is coming!!!!!


Hmm… this literally? 😮 


The mist we have out here is amazing. 


Throwback to when we had ice on the lake!!!


Evidence that we actually had some snow here! 


This guy has heard a lot of good guitar playing! 

Hunting For “Ribbe” in Bedfordshire!

Norwegians demand “Ribbe” for Christmas. Which is not necessarily that easy to find when you are abroad. I will post pics from our celebrations so you guys can see how it looks like 🙂 Anyway, I grew up in the South, where butchers are butchers and you see animals hanging from hooks in the backrooms. Here in the UK though, most of the local butchers are only distributors for larger farms. This means that if you want your meat cut in a specific way or you want specific pieces of the animal, you can just forget it. So today Dad and I set out to track down a “proper” butcher and this is what we found!

We couldn’t find our intended destination, but on our way back we ran into a huge Farm shop. We now know where the English find their hats!



Crocodile Dundee had been there apparently…



It reminded me of the stereotypical “redneck” shops they portray in Hollywood comedies, only that if this has been the US of A, there would have been guns & ammo in a place like this.


These guys were not real butchers either…but at least they had this:


Hmm…this guys has his own candy…


We travelled far & wide!

See that’s a real butcher. All of it is from animals who grass outside or from wild venison, jumping around in the forest.


We thought that this Estate was a Sanitarium or something, turns out it is a worship place of some sort for some bizarre Indian religion :/

Estates here and estates there….the GPS took us here:


I jumped out of the car as I thought that this guy was shot 😦 Poor thing he was suffering so much 😦 Look at that wound 😦



I might generally suck at cooking, but I know how to cook good burgers 🙂

Ha-ha! These are venison burgers 🙂 yum-yum!



I also saw 2 Hercules Aircrafts today, but didn’t manage to take a pic of those. Just made me think of Johnny English 😛

Working & Relaxing at a Cotswolds Estate.

I’ve been shooting some new vids for my YouTube Channel including a music video for my upcoming album 🙂 This is not a bad place to hang out! So gorgeous! This year I had the great privilege of borrowing an apartment right on Central Park in NY, being a guest over at Aker Brygge, Oslo swimming in a heated pool on the roof and now I’ve been a guest at a proper British Cotswold Estate. Not bad. Not bad. Savouring every good moment!!!!! Rock’n’Roll \m/






My little brother & his iPad….






My first month Blogging! ( MY TOP 5 ENTRIES).

My first month blogging has now come to an end!

People from 58 different countries have visited this page and out of those my top 3 countries are:

1)USA 2)UK 3)NORWAY, which doesn’t come as a surpriser to me as these have always been my top 3 countries both with sales, social media traction, etc.

My top 3 referrers are:

1)Facebook 2)Twitter and 3) Search Engines

The top 3 links people clicked:

1) WordPress Media-(my pictures) 2) Guitar World link 3)Link to my store.

I’m glad I decided to do this and will do my best to keep it up! These are my top stories from this month:

1) “Getting Back Into The Zone!” I shared this entry on FB and saw to my great surprise that it went on to become my top entry this month! Me getting back into “virtuoso-shape” clicked with fans and the entry was shared & viewed by many.


2) “I’ve joined a torture club.” Totally “taking-the-piss” as they say in the UK. This became my most viewed entry this month! I think thats really funny actually!


3) “Happy Mother’s Day to my mother.” This personal entry surprised me with becoming my most shared entry! I don’t know if people did that because they loved it or hated it, it was at least honest from my part and the rest of the family loved it too.


4) “20 Badass Women!” To mark The International Womens Day I compiled this list! 8th of May is a day to celebrate, regardless of your political affiliation!


5) “The Hills are Alive with the sound of music.” My very first blog entry that I posted on FB along with the news that I was blogging! I was very surprised by the amount of interest and instantly had people signing up for my email list on here. In the entry I was totally stoked over my album being in top-10 chart and went out for a daring walk…in the wilderness of the British Countryside…The amount of views this article got was only surpassed by my “Torture-Club” entry.


My least popular entries suffered greatly from not really being shared anywhere, these are posts I made usually very late in the night and didn’t promote on FB.

1) “Illustrations For Children’s books“. Getting attention for original art is usually a slow burning process, this entry was my least successful this month.

AuthorsDreams 2013

2) “St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday?” – Writing about the origins of this used-to-be-religious- holiday gained NO traction. Guess if I had posted a top 10 most outrageous outfits it probably would have trended like crazy.


3) “#1!My album is #1!” Written by an overly tired, overly excited, sleep deprived me and published around 3AM or something, my exctatic post about my number one album received little buzz on my blog.

Number 1!

Number 1!

4) “I’ve become addicted to blogging!”  nobody cared much about that.


5) “Dragon Age Inquisition!” It was well liked on youtube and got an overwhelming response on FB, but here on my blog besides a couple of gamers who stumbled upon this from search engines, it earned little buzz.


Conclusion: It is unpredictable what will trend and what won’t, but sharing entries on FB certainly helps, especially if you have a featured image that catches peoples attention. Also, the one beauty related entry I did about nail polish got many likes from other wordpress bloggers, girls blogging about beauty tips. Which proves that certain topics can trend even without Social Media help, it’s just hard to know what will and what won’t.

Petitions I’ve signed! It has never before been easier to voice your opinion and hopefully contribute to some positive change! I’ve always hated injustice. When I was in high school I was a member of the Amnesty International Club, but at the time I felt like it was too passive to just sit and sign letters. I really wanted to bring CHANGE with big huge letters, but it can be hard to know what to do. Outside of signing petitions, writing letters and putting pressure on elected officials, the only other options are angry protest or running for office. So signing petitions it is, at least for the moment . . .

Overturn Asia Bibi’s death sentence #saveAsiaBibi

Pardon all of the estimated 49,000 men who, like Alan Turing, were convicted of consenting same-sex relations under the British “gross indecency” law (only repealed in 2003), and also all the other men convicted under other UK anti-gay laws.

We Want Facebook To Remove Having To Pay To Reach Fans And Followers

Pass the new ordinance to allow street vendors to earn an honest living!


The only campaign that reached its goal, was the one about Clarkson, that says a lot about our celebrity driven culture!

My love affair with the Post Office.

Some fun facts!

My album with classical guitarist Craig Ogden is now a #1 Bestseller Album on Amazon USA! If you want to check it out look here:

In a month I’ve had 100.000 views on my Youtube channel 🙂


Soooo, whats new from the exhilarating life over in England? Well, the post office officially loves me, in fact I suspect I might be getting flowers from them next. I had an epic trip to the post office yesterday and sent out an insane amount of merch; physical CDs, posters, calendars, my children’s book, etc.. I’m now out of physical CDs when it comes to my album, so anyone interested will have to buy from Amazon 🙂 Check it out:
It feels great to have all of it marked as shipped, so I’m very happy about that 😀 😀

This is some of it, towards the ending. It’s all coming guys!


So what am I doing now? Well I’m officially torturing myself ( read: practising ) or I was, I’m having a little break and I’m contemplating an exceptionally important matter…should I walk down to the gas station to get some chips or should I wait? Decisions, decisions…hmm…

hmmm….still undecided….

hmm……. 😛



Yes, everyone has to do laundry.


Look at that! It’s snowing in the UK! Or thats what I thought the other day, until I looked around the house and realised…nooo…
the sewage was full apparently! Yes! So much for snow!




Someone is becoming more and more comfortable, it now seems like we have someone who is volunteering to move in with us.
I’m starting to wonder if this cat has a home or not :/


And this is what you see when you run around in the British countryside!








Playing with my little brother Eric! Pirates are always awesome, not quite sure what happened to Padme :/



I’ve made something special for all my haters! CHECK THIS: